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Hookies’ Wife should live in Stoke, the £1 million mansion, immigration and welfare

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 1 June 2013

Islamofascist terrorist Abu Hamza is currently rotting in a US jail and will hopefully not be returning to these shores any time soon. But the wife of Hookie and his seven kids still live in Britain. There is outrage in some quarters that Mrs Terrorist lives in a £1 million house for which she pays nothing – the grateful taxpayer picks up the tab. There is apparently nothing that can be done about it.

Predictably some bigots regard this as an immigration issue – they just want her booted out, preferably with her kids. While I very much doubt that the old bag has contributed anything at all to Society that is not the answer. You cannot just say we will boot this immigrant out because they are a scumbag parasite married to an Islamofascist terrorist (i.e. she has broken no laws but we do not like her) but we will keep that hard working Mr Patel from the corner store in.  You cannot make arbitrary rules on a case by case basis.

There are vast numbers of immigrants in the UK who work damn hard doing jobs feckless Britain’s would rather not do (claiming welfare instead), and in many cases as entrepreneurs making Britain richer. I would welcome more immigration and have an open door policy.

The general issue here is welfare. I work damn hard and pay tax. I resent bitterly that much of that tax goes to folks who have never worked and will never work. I resent white chavs on the Jeremy Kyle show as much as I resent Mrs Hookie. There has to be a change to welfare whereby you cannot claim ANY benefits at all until you have five years NI payments under your belt. If that causes some immigrant with no intention of working to leave or not to come here that’s fine – see if I care. If that forces the Kyle chavs to go out and get the sort of jobs that they currently refuse to take great. If they won’t they can starve or emigrate and see if I care.

There is a specific issue and that concerns housing. The current system is sheer madness. Folks on benefits get to choose where they live. Landlords know that the taxpayer foots the bill so can push rents up to the highest level the taxpayer will fund. That in turn pushes up house prices. And that means that low paid and young workers who pay tax cannot afford to live in as good a house or flat as those on welfare. And then the Government compounds this by using more cash from the Money Tree for subsidies for first time buyers. Insanity.

There is empty housing stock available in the UK in a range of Grim Northern Shit Holes. If the taxpayer [pays the rent the taxpayer should decide where welfare scroungers get to live. And so Mrs Hookie and her kids should be told that they are getting one way tickets to Stoke on Trent. Or Rotherham or some other place that I have no intention of visiting. So should all other welfare scroungers in the South East.

The taxpayer would save a fortune on housing benefits. GNSH’s would see a reverse of depopulation. Landlords would face mass voids in the South East and so rent prices and house prices for young and low paid workers would tumble. They would thus be materially better off.

I can see that our correspondents from Stoke might object to this but the current system is fiscally unsustainable and patently unfair on those who want to work while offering a cushy life to the feckless.


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