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Louise Mensch – what don’t you get about freedom you silly cow?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 8 June 2013

Last summer we thought that we had heard the last of the dreadful author of crap books Louise Mensch after she got bored of being a Tory MP and quit to spend more time with her family in the US. I guess it is late morning NY time but Mensch’s poor kids have not seen much of mummy so far today as she has spent all morning on twitter.

First up she stuck the boot into RadFem2013. Good for you Louise.

Then she found comments made by a twitterer called @petercoles44 offensive and started tweeting insanely about how someone should call the Met Police, twitter should boot him off, etc.

Coles has now deleted his tweet which offended Mensch prompting the devoted mother to tweet:

Coles appears to have deleted his tweet before the police come knocking at the door. Now make me a sandwich, troll. #feminism

So it is okay for Mensch to stick the boot into the dungaree wearing loons at RadFem2013 in a way which might offend the crackpot wimmin but if someone says something Mensch finds offensive she threatens to call the Old Bill who – as we know – are all too keen on arresting tweeters.

Ooooooo #Girlpower or should that be #fascistcow or #killfreespeech

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