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The Bulletin Board Morons – They do not like it up ‘em

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 11 July 2013

I see that my recent articles on Bulletin Board Morons have unleashed a firestorm of anonymous abuse various from Bulletin Board Morons. As I wandered along the beach and enjoyed a very nice grilled octopus lunch I pondered whether the morons have a point? For about five seconds.

The morons of course never post under their own names and then proceed to say whatever they wish. If I had a penny for every time I had received abuse from the morons over the years I could buy half of Greece. Perhaps these days I could pick up the whole country. Hidden behind the mask of anonymity they say what they like.

That is fine by me. Airstrip One is a free country. Well sort of. But please do not expect me to regard dishing out abuse without revealing your identity as courageous in any way.

Among writers (i.e. those who earn money from writing in their own name) I am a little unusual in that I am happy to dish out the abuse back. I do so in my own name. And sometimes in quite a witty manner. The BB Morons however think that this is all shocking.

Some feel I should show bravery by going onto BB threads and posting as myself. Hmmmmm. Let me see. Shall I go and write for free swapping ideas with folks who fail to debate facts but instead think that accusing me of being gay is a valid point or shall I earn some money writing elsewhere? What is my job? Oh…I am a writer. Perhaps the BB Morons all work for free? If indeed they are capable of holding down a job.

Others accuse me of being “unprofessional” in using words like Bulletin Board Moron or dickhead or indeed in bothering to have a go at these fools now and again. Hmmmm. I do not pretend to be a dry as dull analyst crunching out reports which refer to KPIs or other MBA-ish terms. That is not what interests me. I am an aggressive writer and that aggressive writing pays the bills. And as a bonus it entertains me greatly. I write about what I want: cats, my lack of breakfast, Andy "horseface" Carroll, civil liberties, birds, sleazy Tony Baldry MP, the Evil Empire and POS AIM companies and the list goes on and on.  Oddly folks choose to read that material. No-one forces them to.

I like being able to write exactly what I think. I was denied that opportunity for some years and it ate away at me. These days nothing on earth can or will restrain me. And yes, like my daughter, I appear to have learned some rude words at Upton Park. 

If “professional” means writing dry as dust copy, just saying buy or kissing corporate & establishment arse then I admit that I am utterly incapable of being professional. I shall remain an amateur who earns a decent whack writing in an amateurish manner.

But with the greatest of respect to the Bulletin Board Morons, I am fully aware of how many City analysts and financial journalists read my material and some of them are even decent enough to say how much they enjoy it. Peer group praise is perhaps of more interest to me than being accused of being “unprofessional” by selected Bulletin Board Morons. Actually I do not really give a damn about peer group reviews either. As long as I can pay the bills and have a hoot writing who cares what anyone else thinks? I do not.

And finally I am accused of being vindictive towards Sefton and writing only about this one POS Company. Clearly those folks have not noticed that I crank out 5-10 articles a day and, if it is unlucky, about 2 a week concern Sefton. I am sure that the management at Bullabullbullshit PLC, Great Western Mining, Cyan, US Oil & Gas, U308, etc, etc, etc would wish that I was 100% Sefton focussed but I am not.  I regard Sefton as the ultimate pin-up model for the AIM Cesspit but my problem is with the failure of the whole market not just with one particular POS Company.

However, Sefton has misled investors on a serial basis. It has publically accused me of market abuse (sorry guys but that complaint got nowhere did it – where’s the apology?) and of making stories up. And its bully boy lawyers have endeavoured (and failed) to stop me following my chosen profession of writing per se. This is not about establishing the truth it is a malicious war against me but also against free speech.

Sefton wants to injunct both myself and Dan. That is its real purpose. Had it obtained an injunction then yesterday’s revelations about Kansas would not have emerged. Ask yourselves how, given the abject failure of Sefton’s Nomad and of AIM regulation in ensuring that Sefton issues accurate RNS statements, it is in anyone’s interests that Dan or I are injuncted? Go on BB Morons…in whose interests would it be?

As such can you blame me for having a go back? Not only is there self-interest involved but, forgetting all issues of personality, exposing companies that issue RNS statements that are factually incorrect is the right thing to do. It is what I have done for 21 years. And despite the best efforts of Sefton Resources and its bully boy lawyers it is what I plan to carry on doing.

And if I use words like frigging or dickhead as I do so you should not be surprised.

And now BB Morons, as you sit sweating and salivating at your laptops posting drivel when not watching kiddie porn, I am off for a swim in the hotel pool before making a call to Denver with the aim of dishing out some more ground-breaking news later today.

Pip. Pip.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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