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Call Me Dave bashed by some (bigoted) gays – I almost feel sorry for him

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 21 July 2013

Since I almost never read it, I forget what a horribly awful newspaper The Independent has become. But occasionally you are dragged back by a piece just so ludicrous that you have to read it in the name of research into just how crazed some deluded lefties are. And thus I stumble on a classic by someone called Lena Corner about how a group of gays in the East End are furious with Call Me Dave for legalising gay marriage.

At this point I almost feel sorry for Call Me Dave. I too support the idea that gays should be allowed to get married. After all, why the hell should only straight people have to suffer?  But I note how some bigots within the Tory party have bashed Dave for pushing the bill through. At least however he must have won some friends, or at least not alienated some of – what my deluded lefty girlfriend tells me I must call – the LGBT community? In English that means homosexuals. But also those who want to change gender who I might have thought in my naïve way were rather different to homosexuals. Whatever.

Anyhow it seems Call Me Dave can do no right with some LBGT folk dragged out by the Independent. Among the choice quoted in the article with comments from me are:

I don't believe in gay marriage, not in a conventional sense, absolutely not …I believe in equal rights but I don't want equality in terms of the same social blueprint as straight people. We are diluting who we are to gain the right to get married. Soon we will be living like straight people in suburbia. Screw that: I want to live on the fringes of society

Er…. So there are no gays living in surburbia? Would you honestly have gay marriage recriminalised?

What does the passing of the Bill actually mean? Didn't the original Stonewall radicals call for liberation rather than equality? Wasn't marriage itself deemed as oppressive? And do we really want it done in a church?

Er… who said marriage had to be oppressive? Or living in sin/shagging random strangers in public lavatories liberating? The Bill gives you the right to marry in a church not the obligation.

We have fought for a long time for our rights – to stop harassment, arrest and murder – because we wanted to explore our freedom. To choose to go back into an institution seems like a wasted opportunity.

"I never trust a Conservative on gay issues. This whole debate stinks of Tories

Er….what freedoms do you wish to explore? Some gay rights campaigners said “cottaging” was a human right for gays, others said it was forced on gays as they could not live in a relationship like straight married couples. Please clarify.  Meanwhile I understand that you hate the Tories but do you think they have actually done this as part of a conspiracy AGAINST gays. Sorry I mean LBGT folk?  You are plain mad at best. At worst you are a bigot in that you think one minority group within Society who cannot help how they feel and who engage in practices some of us find repellant (I refer to carrying a Conservative Party membership card) are inherently evil.

To me it feels like various institutions – the media included – are talking about us rather than talking with us. We need equal rights but we also need cultural difference.

I do worry that we are moving towards a more heteronormative society. And I worry that it is partly being policed within the gay community – we are putting restrictions on things that are stopping us from thinking beyond definitions. Maybe the gay-marriage debate has diminished the way we think

Oh….for fucks sake. The gay rights movement (justifiably) started the call for gay marriage.  Please explain why you NEED cultural differences. They are gay bankers, gay road sweepers, gay IT geeks and gay all sorts of things. Are you saying that your identity must be defined primarily by who you sleep with rather than every other aspect of your life? In which case you are a bigot.

As for anyone who uses the word heteronormative, I give up.

Only The Independent could run such utter bollocks.

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