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Why does the EU hate Israel & Just Love Terrorists?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 29 July 2013

Last week the EU took three decisions regarding Israel which are in short despicable and take the Jew hating stance of the Evil Empire to new levels. Led by the former CND activist and total non-entity Baroness Ashton (the EU Foreign Secretary), the Evil Empire has plunged to new depths.

The first two measures impose trade sanctions on Israel. Any goods produced beyond the 1949 Armistice lines will now have to be flagged up with specific labelling and any entity with an address beyond those lines will be deni8ed any EU contracts or funding. The 1949 Armistice lines are not Israel’s borders but merely the point at which Arab armies were halted as they tried to wipe out the Jewish state at birth. So areas which the UN recognises as Israeli and which are Israeli under International law will be targeted by the EU.

Frankly, economically successful Israel does not need money from bankrupt Europe and so can stand on its own two feet. But having to wear a “yellow star” on your goods has kind of sinister undertones.

The third measure is the truly vile one. You will remember that in the West we are meant to be fighting a “war on terror”, tracking down the sort of evil which sees rockets fired on innocent men women and children and suicide bombers head onto buses? Remember that?  Well I guess it doesn’t matter to the EU if those innocent men, women and children are only frigging Jews.

The EU has at last recognised that Hezbollah's "military wing" is a terrorist organization – in that it is responsible for sending those rockets, suicide bombers etc.  However the EU has also stated that the political wing of Hezbollah is a legitimate body and thus as long as they say they are “part of the political wing” Hezbollah personnel and Hezbollah institutions can operate with utter freedom  in Europe raising money, planning attacks, and recruiting terrorists. 

To quote the uber excellent Caroline Glick: “In other words, all Hezbollah operations directed against Israel and Jews will remain lawful in Europe.” 

I guess Baroness Ashton always thought that Saint Gerry of Adams and the Butcher McGuiness were nice folks who had nothing to do with the IRA at all?

In short the EU has in one week moved down the road to a yellow star regime of economic sanctions against the Israeli state while at the same time made it easier for a terrorist organisation committed under its charter to pushing all the frigging Jews into the Sea to expand its operations from the sanctuary of Europe.

Not in my name Baroness Ashton and the EU.  What shall I do about it?  I shall increase my personal commitment to buying goods and services made in Israel. Stick your Yellow Stars where you like I am buying more.

As for Hezbollah just remember Pastor Niemoller. First they came for the Jews. Well I know the EU does not care about frigging Jews. Then they came for the homosexuals. Well the EU tends to overlook what happens to members of the LGBT community in Gaza these days (hint: it involves either stones or concrete, not a free and joyous celebration of pride). And then the wider Islamofascist terror alliance came for stupid, idiotic, Western liberals who have acted as their patsies for years and started blowing up buses in London, Brussels and Madrid. Baroness Ashton I am talking about YOU.

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