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Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Fat & Stupid Scotland Edition

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 11 August 2013

I am sure that this will get me into trouble in some quarters but can someone explain why there are so many fat and stupid people in Scotland? I start with its leader Alex Salmond. Faced with the fact that Scotland is the third fattest nation in the world (after the US & Mexico) and getting fatter the Scots Government says

We are investing more than £7.5 million between 2012 and 2015 on projects to encourage healthy eating.”

a)      How much has been spent on such projects between 2009 and 2012 and did Scotland get fatter or thinner? So why spend more money?

b)      You are not investing. Scotland is a heavy net taker from the Union in fiscal terms. So you are taking money from English taxpayers and not investing it (that implies you get a return) but pissing it away creating yet more non jobs.

Okay, so we have established the Scottish Government is thick and as it happens its leader Mr. Salmond is a real lardbucket.  So what about the folks he claims to lead?

41% of Scots males are termed fat. 32% of Scots females are termed fat. And a survey out today shows that one on five of Scots folks reckon that jam (2/3 sugar) is something you can eat as one of your five a day quota of fruit.

How frigging stupid can you get?

In honour of our fat and thick welfare addicted friends North of the Border I ask you to submit captions to the picture below in the comments section by Friday at 9 AM

For what it is worth my entry is:

The Scottish slimmer of the year said that his weight problems were all the fault of Thatcher and 500 years of English exploitation as he pocketed his prize and weekly benefits cheque and headed off to the deep fried Mars bar shop

Last week I asked for you captions for this picture.

 The winner is Fiona from ADVFN with:

Real Man Pizza employs new table dancer to entertain customers, but recruitment process goes horribly wrong!

Congratulations to Fiona.



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