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32 days ago

Online Blockchain – schoolboy error in joke accounts: a restatement will be needed, guess which Nomad signed off this boo boo?

I need to write this quickly so as not to interrupt the luncheon plans of Mr Roland “Fatty” Cornish, Nomad to this fine company. I would imagine that the start of Advent or the anniversary of the birth of Winston Churchill or the fact that it is Wednesday will be seen as good reason for a celebratory seven course meal starting as soon as Fatty has finished his elevenses. And so to rush. Fatty, you and your client Online Blockchain (OBC), the bastard parent of ADVFN (AFN) have goofed with final results today and those results will have to be re-stated. That is, if you care about accounting rules as much as you care about your reputation as the City’s greatest gourmand.


49 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Do not bet the ranch on a bid for ADVFN

There is news of an interesting new shareholder today at ADVFN (AFN). I discuss what is, I think, going on and why you should not bet the ranch on a formal bid emerging. Then I look at the crackers acquisition made by Nightcap (NGHT) as La Willingham refuses to address the manifest corporate governance failings at her firm. Finally Chill Brands (CHLL) has been relegated to the Spartan South Midlands Division One and I explain what that means.


122 days ago

Online Blockchain nonsense announcement - ShareProphets Translation service

Once again we get an RNS reach from spoof company Online Blockchain (OBC) run by the same gang who run ADVFN (AFN) which put out its own comedy release today as discussed in bearcast HERE. But this one is so special it needs a full translation service. The translation is in bold.


122 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: my next fraud expose will be on AIM

a few more words on Umuthi 9UHS) after today’s bombshell and on where it leaves the FCA. Then I flag up a few personal committments which sees me cooking like a dervish for a few days but then I shall be onto my next fraud expose which is also in Africa but this time with AIM listed companies. Then I look at comedy from ADVFN (AFN) ask a serious question abut Chill Brands (CHLL) and the proven liar John Story and finally discuss Argo Blockchain (ARB)


138 days ago

So I asked ADVFN's boss if his company enjoyed giving a platform discussing the death of a journalist, that is to say me: Tom Winnifrith

It has just been brought to my attention that ADVFN has been hosting a (brief) thread dedicated to discussing my demise. It has been live since February 17 as you can see below. It’s only point is discussing my demise something spurred on by my exposes of and obtaining the suspension of, the fraud that is [email protected] Capital (SYME). Does ADVFN really think that offering a platform to discuss such a matter is appropriate. Will it take firm action and not only can the thread but ban the sick mind who created it? I have asked the question of ADVFN Boss Mike Hodges this morning?


140 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I am going to report MyHealthChecked to AIM Regulation

Today’s scoop on MyHealthChecked (MHC) has moved the shares and looks like great news. But it might not be. What I have engaged in is not as one moron on ADVFN suggests “willy waving” or “ramping” but good journalism, that is to say breaking news someone does not want published.  MyHealthChecked has broken AIM Rules and so created a disorderly market and though I own shed loads of shares I must be consistent and report the company. AIM Regulation should be slapping someone’s wrists. I also comment on Helium One (HE1) and Verditek (VDTK)


174 days ago

NOW It really is the time to back Ian Westbrook against the Versarien bullies

The Morons who believe in the cult of Neill Ricketts and the cash guzzling POS that is Versarien (VRS) think that Ian Westbrook (Club Sandwich), the Bulletin Board poster Ricketts wishes to destroy will fail to raise the £20,000 needed to keep his defence going. They are wrong. Here is one cultist posting on ADVFN today. Hap tip JD:


175 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: For a change talking my own book

First up, would you rather listen to Joshua on Dinosaurs than to me on shares tomorrow? He thinks he is the world’s greatest expert but perhaps we should see how he fares on the Sunday quiz if Darren yields to his demands and has some dinosaur questions in it first? In today’s podcast, I look at the FCA’s new business plan, at ADVFN (AFN) and why Yair Tauman need to put up or shut up, at Online Blockchain (OBC), [email protected] Capital, Seed Ventures (SEED – in detail – and en passant the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and Orcadian (ORCA) which I backed pre IPO and which Peter Brailey writes up HERE.


189 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A dividend from ADVFN, whatever next...come in Cheryl!

In today’s podcast from myself and Joshua in Delphi, I look at G3 Exploration (G3E), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), ADVFN (AFN) and Dev Clever (DEV).


227 days ago

A Bulletin Board Moron does Leni-Maths: It is the fraud Zoetic natch

As shares in Zoetic (ZOE) slip and stumble to yet another year low of 49p to sell, those margin calls must really be hurting and this share price could collapse very quickly indeed as folks can’t pay the margin calls. But some ignore big questions such as the one raised in bearcast today and indulge in classic Leni-Maths. Meet Kemche from the ADVFN Asylum who posts almost daily now that he is “averaging down.” I guess only another 49p more of averaging down and he will be put out of his misery. Kemche likes Leni-Maths. Enjoy:

kemche26 May ’21 – 15:24 – 7387 of 7389


242 days ago

Prize contest: Keeping it in the family at Online Blockchain

If Clem Chambers manages to keep his job as boss of ADVFN (AFN) as Israeli brainbox Yair Tauman plans a boardroom clean out, it will only be because AIM dog Online Blockchain (OBC) owns 18% of ADVFN. And who runs Online? Er…Clem Chambers. Today, Online, which celebrates its 25th birthday next week having racked up more than £5.5 million in losses and has less chance of making a profit than I have of shagging Cheryl Cole, for this week at least, has news. Wait for it…


243 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Picking up Olaf's mother Big Nose at the Mars Bar - this is relevant

Well not really and it was a long time ago. But it comes up when I discuss NightCap (NGHT) and why the numbers are all bonkers and it will end in tears. Then I look at Mirriad (MIRI) and ADVFN (AFN) parallels. Finally Amigo (AMGO) where the directors make threats that would be ruinous for them personally if they implement them. As ever, if you are bored, why not donate to a wonderful cause HERE.


243 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - we live in the time of the bezzle

I start on the usual subject. Please do donate HERE. Then I discuss a bull market and the bezzle and recent deals that are simply corrupt or wrong or deceptive. The case studies are Live Company (LVCG), Iconic (ICON) and Powerhouse (PHE). Anyone spending 20 minutes on the internet can see for themselves. Only in a raging bull market could folks think they would get away with such nonsense. I comment on the crisis at Bidstack (BIDS) and then analyse today’s trading statement from ADVFN (AFN) and what it means for the battle for the board.


255 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Mossad Agent – exposed again, drat cover blown!

Natch this is from a Bulletin Board, the ADVFN asylum Bidstack (BIDS) thread and the TW/Jew hating aidenabettin in full flow.


258 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Fecking Welsh!

Not all of them. Certainly not daughter Olaf. But at least one of them has ruined my day and made me livid.  Elsewhere I discuss Hurricane Energy (HUR), ADVFN (AFN), the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and Westminster Group (WSG) and the curse of Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy. Ahead of another weekend training walk please be generous and donate HERE – £99 short of the one third mark!


258 days ago

ADVFN – Clem Chambers running scared of a putsch & possibly the biggest joke in the history of awards

Yesterday I speculated at great length about the possibility that Israeli brain box Yair Tauman with a just sub 19% stake in ADVFN (AFN) might be able to call an EGM to oust the board led by Clem Chambers. It seems that King Clem agrees with my analysis and is running scared. Today he announced that he had exercised 411,473 options at 14p taking his stake up to 1.014 million shares or 3.88%.


261 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Beer and popcorn time at ADVFN

I end with the usual appeal – go on, we are almost a third of the way there please make a donation to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks now HERE. I start with MyHealthChecked (MHC) and the fraud Zoetic (ZOE). But the main focus is on beer and popcorn time at ADVFN (AFN). Will King Clem Chambers be ousted by Israeli brainbox Yair Tauman, an expert in Game Theory? I discuss and what it all means for ADVFN


281 days ago

Easter Bulletin Board Moron contest – can anyone trump [email protected] Capital owning Moron Darren

I don’t believe this is our Darren but another one, Darren042. He owns shares in [email protected] Capital (SYME) and, with a hat tip to TR, I challenge anyone to find a bigger example of stupidity on the LSE, ADVFN or iii asylums or on twitter by midnight on Bank Holiday Monday. Meanwhile marvel at Darren who really is an imbecile.


314 days ago

Time Travel with Clem Chambers and ADVFN - Party on Dudes!

This part of the website has been up at ADVFN (AFN) since 2014 so the big question is “have any folks from the year 3,000 been in touch with Clem Chambers yet?” And, if so, what did they say?


314 days ago

If a Bulletin Board Moron did Irony … and is this the stupidest post on ADVFN ever?

My suggestion, made to AIM Regulation and HERE, that shares in all covid testing stocks be suspended on Monday seems to have aroused every idiot who has ever bought an AIM listed share into outrage and anger. Brokerman Dan has joined this populist outrage.


331 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: £155k payoff plus shares for being a director for 1 month shocker!

In today’s podcast I look at Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), Online Blockchain (OBC), Zoetic (ZOE), Zenith Energy (ZEN) - after today’s bombshell expose -  ADVFN (AFN), Optibiotix (OPTI) and Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX)


332 days ago

Tom Winnifrith employs hundreds of scammers in 12 "boiler rooms" - a true moron from ADVFN has fake news for you

The Patient Investor dwells in the asylum that is the ADVFN Bulletin Board and is quite literally mad. He appears to think, erroneously, that a boiler room is a place where teams of folks post on Bulletin Boards and apparently “knows” that I employ hundreds of folks in 12 distinct sites, each paid £10 an hour, to control share prices via BB postings. This is fake news of the highest order. Nurse! Nurse! The patient (investor) needs his meds upping fast! For starters: the idea that I’d pay anyone more than the minimum wage is preposterous! Just ask Steve Moore!


381 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Rowing with Gary Newman & option greed from Clem

In today’s podcast I look at Powerhouse Energy (PHE), bitcoin, Online Blockchain (OBC) and ADVFN (AFN).


445 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bedwetting brokers do protest too much & I do not see why my taxes should fund executive greed at ADVFN

In today’s podcast I start with PrimaryBid and the way brokers are crying foul on the London Stock Exchange backing it financially. Then onto, quite good, H2 numbers from ADVFN (AFN) but my real disquiet at the way my taxes are going on supporting the lifestyle of an overpaid board.


480 days ago

[email protected] Capital – too many of its supporters live in a new media sewer & a question for Clem Chambers

I am sure that most shareholders in [email protected] Capital (SYME) are ordinary decent folk. Maybe they are a bit gullible but they are not bad folks. But over on the ADVFN and LSE Bulletin boards the worst of humanity is on show.


517 days ago

[email protected] Capital – the most overvalued ramp in Christendom?

Cripes! This is beginning to make Tesla look like a deep down value play!  There were, when I stopped counting at just before 5 yesterday, more than 150 posts on the ADVFN Bulletin Board. All ramptastic nonsense but as of now [email protected] Capital (SYME) is the biggest riser in London at 0.315p and is valued at £69 million. It is worth NOTHING. Please remember 4 key facts:


529 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Is Cineworld now a slam dunk zero thanks to blundering Boris?

My wife’s young cousin – L – and her young man will arrive shortly to our house to cat sit and the Mrs, Joshua, and I can head to the Greek Hovel. I wonder what Covid restrictions there are in Greece and how they will be applied? Here in the UK, BoJo has new rules and I ponder if they will mean the death of Cineworld (CINE).  On the subject of death, I discuss Versarien (VRS) and also its moronic shareholders and why ADVFN (AFN) scores an own goal in not banning them. I look at Coro Energy (DOG) and also International Consolidated Airlines (IAG), British Airways as was.


660 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Jim is your dad really Independent & win a prize by explaining Online Blockchain's accounts to me

I had a long chat today with my stockbroker, City veteran A. Laiker Esq on what it is like working from home. He loves it. I sense so do many others. I have loved it for years, being essentially a miserable and anto-social bastard. Companies will also love this new trend in the post Covid era and i discuss its implications. I look at Intu (INTU) and what an awful position it is in. The shares are a zero but discuss the whole sector. I run through the latest rumours on Ascent (AST), reveal that it is Novum Securities that has welshed on a £200,000 commitment but report another (bad news) rumour that ascent needs to comment on. I look at a good deal for Webis (WEB) but think my old pal Jim Mellon is taking the piss with his view of who qualifies as an “independent” director. Then onto the markets where we have another bad news is good day and finally the prize contest relates to the utterly shite results of Online Blockchain (OBC) snuck out at no-one is watching O’clock yesterday alongside the pretty shite numbers from sister company ADVFN (AFN)


664 days ago

The Bulletin Board Moron of the week is, no great shock, a Versarien shareholder

Last week I asked you to supply your idea of the most moronic post on the ADVFN, LSE or iii Asylums or on twitter. There were some good entries as you can see HERE but thanks to Aiminvestor for spotting this gem from the ADVFN asylum, Versarien (VRS) thread, natch, explaining why shorters should be in prison  whatever they say but share rampers create wealth and should all be lauded whatever they say. Our BB of the week is “Scrutable”: 


669 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week Competition – Coronavirus edition

Covid 19 brings out the best in folks and the worst in folks. In that vein to lighten the mood I bring you a Bulletin Board Moron contest with a difference. Simply find the most idiotic post on the LSE, ADVFN, iii asylums or on twitter which must reference the virus and post it in the comments section below before midnight on Sunday 22 March. I challenge you to surpass this effort below, from Versarien (VRS) ramper superg on the ADVFN asylum who thinks short sellers want folks to die from the virus for their financial gain.


669 days ago

Tom Winnfrith Bearcast - a long chat with Lucian Miers

I had a long chat with Lucian Miers who is right now in Cambodia ( cue cheap Gary Glitter jokes from morons on ADVFN). We discussed coronavirus and the state of the markets. What to buy in the FTSE 100 and his shorts: De la Rue (DLAR), Versarien (VRS), Easyjet (EZJ), IQE (IQE), Apple, Tesla and Purplebricks (PURP) and also the ethics of bailouts and what Governments will be allowed to do., I also comment on Finablr (FIN) and panic selling in Big Sofa (BST)


681 days ago

The Bulletin Board Moron of the week does indeed own Versarien

A week ago, I asked you for examples of sheer lunacy from the ADVFN, iii and LSE Asylums and there were indeed many fine examples provided as you can see HERE. However, anyone who uses the Nazis to make their point is generally someone who has completely lost the plot and thus there can be only one winner.


693 days ago

BREAKING: The double standard of ADVFN, it's okay to call someone a nonce but Evil Knievil banned

On a daily basis, shareholders in Versarien (VRS) continue to make the most defamatory of allegations against myself and other critics. ADVFN (AFN) occasionally removes a post but seems reluctant to ban these halfwits defaming in defence of a fraud, so they just reoffend.


699 days ago

The Bulletin Board Moron of the week is natch a Versarien shareholder

I asked you to nominate the moron making the most moronic comments on twitter or the LSE, ADVFN and iii asylums last week and there were many fine entries as you can see HERE. But the winner is clear and was spotted by me so I win the non prize. From the ADVFN Asylum, Versarien thread


712 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – can you trump this one from Versarien owning moron mavfav

Okay, I want to make Juicin happy so let us have another Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest. The deadline is midnight on Sunday 9th February and all you have to do is find another comment from twitter or the ADFVN, iii or LSE Asylums which is more moronic than this one from mavfav on the ADVFN asylum, Versarien (VRS) thread. Entries in the comments section below


718 days ago

Winnileaks special: Vast Resources: Ex Director Brian Basham accuses Fatty Cornish of signing off on untrue statements

Oh dear, oh dear, London’s worst Nomad, Roland “Fatty” Cornish really does have a lot on his plate this morning. I refer not to his third portion of finest Manx Kippers dripping in butter, followed by a quartet of hot crumpets with lashings of strawberry jam. No, he is already in hot water over his advice to ADVFN (AFN) that it should break AIM Rules but now Fleet Street Legend Brian Basham has written to Fatty about another of his cash guzzling and worthless clients, Vast Resources (VAST) and, thanks to Winnileaks, I have that letter.


719 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Online Blockchain shares up 58% - have you read the 2019 accounts?

ADVFN (AFN) sister company Online BlockChain (OBC) shares a Nomad in Roland “fatty” Cornish. If you read the 2019 accounts you will be squealing with laughter yet the shares have rocketed 58% today. Why? No doubt Roland is on the ball and a statement will be forthcoming. I look at the madness at Davos, signs of peak bull market insanity and at the news from Westminster Gtroup (WSG) chaired by repellent pig The Right Honourable Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy.


719 days ago

Breaking: The advice Roland “Fatty” Cornish gave to his client ADVFN to break AIM Rules

Thanks to Winnileaks I now have in my possession a damning email sent by London’s worst Nomad, the restauranteurs saviour, Mr Roland “fatty” Cornish to his client ADVFN (AFN) advising it to take a course of action in direct breach of AIM Rules. I do not blame ADVFN for this at all but surely Fatty needs to be given an almighty bollocking by AIM Regulation for his latest crime?


719 days ago

The Biggest Clown on AIM: Roland Fatty Cornish warns Brian Basham who quit last week that ADVFN might now have to sack him

It may well be that London’s worst Nomad, the Cambridge educated gourmand, Roland “Fatty” Cornish has, in between meals, invented a time machine. Or perhaps he is just not very bright but that the tutors at Pembroke College thought he was a jolly good fellow who had been to the right school and that the College VIII needed a bit of ballast in the middle? I shall leave you to decide.


723 days ago

New Bulletin Board Moron contest in honour of the savants who own Eurasia Mining

Last night I was flamed on twitter by a host of Eurasia Mining (EUA) investors, a group who made your average Versarien (VRS) investor look like a true multi brained genius. I kid you not. One wanted me to hire him as a journalist as he had posted a few comments on BBs about Eurasia and that, he thought, qualified him. Another said I couldn;t be a proper journalist if I did not interview Eurasia, preferably by flying to the Indaba coke and hooker fest. And so it went on. The fact that Eurasia lies to investors ahead of fund raises & abuses market rules in private chatrooms was dismissed as irrelevant. Anyhow this is a hint as to where to seek out a winning entry in this week’s contest. What is the most moronic post you can find on the ADVFN, iii or LSE Asylums or on twitter? Entries should be posted in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 26th.


726 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Both ADVFN & Versarien forced to fess up thanks directly to my actions

Both Versarien (VRS) and ADVFN (AFN) have been forced to issue major ‘fess ups today directly as a result of my actions. I explain how both cases show just why AIM is not working at all, naming names why the Nomad system is failing you all and what happens next. And yes it is a day of fecking triumph for me and this website.


727 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Any bloody fool (bar Neill Ricketts) can grow sales if he, she, they or it spunk enough on marketing

In today’s bearcast I look at Versarien (VRS), Sosandar (SOS), Toople (TOOP), Audioboom (BOOM), ADVFN (AFN), Fevertree (FEVR), Zenith Energy (ZEN) and Eden Research (EDEN).


727 days ago

The Bulletin Board Moron of the week winner is surely ADVFN's paedo guy?

You supplied numerous good entries in last week’s contest as you can see HERE. I particularly liked the Cloudtag (CTAG) morons, the triumph of hope over experience, spotted by Warren Boofit


727 days ago

EXPLOSIVE: Brian Basham quits ADVFN but why is the company not telling you why?

Shareholders have a right to know exactly why the Fleet Street legend Brian Basham quite as a Non Executive director of ADVFN (AFN) on Friday but despite Basham ensuring that Nomad Roland “fatty” Cornish was kept in the loop, ADVFN has refused to come clean. Luckily, thanks to Winnileaks, I have BOTH resignation letter sent by Basham and what they say is utterly shocking.


733 days ago

The 10 most followed stocks on ADVFN – proof of where the morons roam

The only shock here is that Versarien (VRS) and Bidstack (BIDS) don’t make the list. But I kind of bet they are in the top 20. However the top 10 are in order:


734 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: fake sheiks & Nomads in the doghouse on another day of utter shame for the scandal plagued AIM Casino

I start with an update on ADVFN’s paedo guy, then it is onto the role of Nomads on the AIM Casino, what they are meant to do and the problems they face. I look at three Nomads and their clients: Lekoil (LEK), Versarien (VRS) and Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) plus I discuss Tizania (TILS) and today’s monster spoof from almost insolvent Iconic Labs (ICON).


734 days ago

New Bulletin Board Moron contest of the week in honour of the ADVFN paedo guy

It seems as if ADVFN is happy for its own house paedo guy to carry on doing his bit in support of Versarien (VRS) by libelling me in so many ways and encouraging folks to attack my wife. And there was I thinking that Clem Chambers had standards and would no platform such scum…. So while Clem continues to allow this creep and others to operate, what is the most moronic post you can find on the ADVFN, iii or LSE Asylums or on twitter? Entries should be posted in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 19th.


734 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week in honour of Neill Ricketts is….

It was indeed a Versarien (WRS) owning moron who picked up this award… yes its ADVFN paedo guy ( that is he claims I am one) bgt1


735 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Mail on Sunday takes dick-tation from NMC's PR guys & shall I take down ADVFN's paedo guy?

First things first. It is 6 months and 1 day to the 3 Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk. I did a short train yesterday at Moel Famau of which more later. Anhow, if you enjoy bearcast please show so by donating HERE.  Thanks in advance for your support and also for the birthday wishes. As you can see in the comments section HERE there is a poster on ADVFN who seems to think he can save Versarien (VRS) by suggesting, falsely, that I am a paedophile. Normally I’d ignore such pond life but I am almost tempted to teach him a very expensive legal lesson in libel law. What do you think?  Then it is onto a story dictated by NMC Health’s (NMC) PR team to yellow journalists at the Mail on Sunday. The real import of threats against Caron Block & Muddy Waters is very negative for NMC. Finally I have a bombshell for AIM Cesspit followers tomorrow. Watch this space! 


737 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest: In honour of Neill Ricketts

Just for one week, the contest is being brought back at the request of reader Juicin. The rules are slighty changed in honour of Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS). What we are looking for is the most moroniic comment on shares on the LSE, iii or ADVFN Asylums or twitter. But this week you can also add in comments on the private Discord chat room where Ricketts tells lies to investors without his Nomad, hapless Quindell loving Bobbie Hilliam at Canaccord, knowing anything about it! The deadline for entry is midnight on Sunday 12 January ( my birthday). Entries in the comments section below.


825 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest Result – no-one could beat aidenabettin

I asked you a week ago to nominate your Bulletin Board Moron of the week from the iii, LSE and ADVFN Asylums or from twitter. There were some great entries which, in a normal week, would have won, as you can see HERE.  But..


832 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – surely this Bidstack loon cannot be beaten

Juicin can thank me later, but I am inspired by the most insane post I have seen in ages to bring back this contest for one week only. Surely no-one can beat the post below from the ADVFN Bidstack (BIDS) thread. If you find a better example of lunacy on twitter on on the iii, LSE or ADVFN Asylums post it in the comments section below before midnight on Sunday 13 October. Enjoy this treat…


891 days ago

Today's Primary Bid Offering is ADM Energy - avoid like the plague

ShareProphets earns a small commission any time a reader who registered with Primary Bid via ourselves subscribes for one of its offers. For that reason we urge you all to sign up HERE. But today’s offer, ADM Energy (ADME) is a total dog so. though it hurts us in the pocket book to say so, we urge you to pass. The emails sent out by ADVFN and others urging folks to pony up fail to mention one significant fact…


942 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – Versarien edition

It seems as if Versarien (VRS) owning morons take particularly badly to exposes on how senior execs may be fraudsters and are certainly liars and respond with abuse for the messengers. And thus in honour of these prize poltroons Bulletin Board Moron of the Week is back. Simply post the most moronic comment found on twitter or the LSE, ADVFN or iii asylums in the comments section below. It does not have to be about Versarien but moronic deadwood press Neil Woodford articles by Ali Hussein or Jeff Presstrip are not eligible. The deadline for entries is midnight Saturday and the winner will receive a mythical photo of Julie Meyer filling in a tax return.


979 days ago

Winnileaks Special: explosive Singapore Court Docs - MySquar boss Eric Schaer a liar and guilty of theft and fraud

I demonstrated clearly that AIM listed MySquar (MYSQ) was a fraud, founded and run by a lying fraudster Eric Schaer way before it finally folded. The great and the good at AIM Regulation and Nomad SP Angel did nothing about it despite explicit warnings Self important PR fucktard Piers Pottinger stayed on as chairman, standing by his man and ignoring me. PR spawn of Satan Damian McCrystal banked his cheques and carried on spinning. The fraudsters fave journalist  (and ADVFN blogger of the year) Ben Harrington ran bogus stories in the Sunday Papers to get bailout placings away. No-one cared about the lies Schaer told. You guys are the establishment and it is far simpler to bank fat salaries and dismiss me as failed fund manager, pizza restaurant employee, yak, yak yak. Well gents you, 1% er bastards who are complicit in a transfer of welath from the many (shareholders) to the few (yourselves), please now read the Singapore Court Documents below branding Schaer a liar, a thief and a fraud. Read, weep and apologise to the Sheriff of AIM and to investors who have lost everything. You were all warned. You are complicit.


988 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – April Fool & Frontera dreamer Edition (DEADLINE TODAY)

Hat tip to reader Juicin for spotting this absolute gem of a comment from a Bulletin Board Moron on the LSE Asylum. Can you beat this scorcher? If so post your nominations in the comments section below. Any post from the LSE, ADVFN, iii asylums or twitter from April 1 2019 onwards is eligible. The most moronic post spotted will win a photo of Julie Meyer paying her tax bill (ho ho ho) for the spotter. The deadline for entry is midnight on Saturday 4th May. Get posting…


1033 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Atlantic Capital & IQE you guys really are shysters & jokers

I start with a soddy attempt by spivs at Atlantic capital to secure new customers to fleece with thir crap CFD advice - c/o ADVFN a report on IQE (IQE). I explian why it is shite. Then I turn to allegations that Debenhams (DEB) and Domino's Pizza (DOM) issued RNS statements that were somewhere between misleading and untrue. I have sympathy with one of the accused but none for the other. If you enjoyed this, I think, profanity free bearcast, follow a bloke from the Grim North who donated enough to buy a whole house in the welfare safari and support the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE.


1084 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest in honour of the Frontera fraud - can you beat this one?

The AIM demise of the fraud Frontera (FRR) has unleashed a barrage of Bulletin Board idiocy not seen for years. It seems that the idiot from every village in the land was invested here and the comments on the Asylums at the LSE, ADVFN and iii as well as on twitter restore ones faith in the sheer stupidity of your fellow man. To win a semi naked photo of Britain's top share blogger before lunchtimes, Thirsty Paul Scott, simply post your examples of supreme idiocy ( not necessarily on Frontera) in the comments section below. The deadline is midnight on Saturday 2nd Fenruary. I start off with my nomination. Can anyone beat this gem from tune player on the ADVFN Asylum.


1168 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: okay you asked for it, I hope this makes you happy

I start with a reader request. I do as you wish. In this podcast I cover MySquar (FRAUD), ADVFN (AFN) and Totally (TLY) in the battle of the anorexic Ethiopian super model balance sheets, Avanti Communications (AVN), Purplebricks (PURP) and ripping off customers as a business model, and also Angus Energy (ANGS). Post bearcast I have just had a good chat with Tim Steer who has a book out soon. More on that when it is published. 


1189 days ago

Frontera Resources - all is not as it seems, No 1 City analyst weighs in

The fools who own shares in this company and post on the LSE & ADVFN Asylums just do not realise what a mess Frontera Resources (FRR) is in. I explained earlier how this could be a zero HERE. Now we have the take of the City's No 1 oil analyst Zac "the knife" Phillips of SP Angel. Over to the great man...


1204 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Musk, May and (other) madness

In today's podcast I discuss the latest news from Elon Musk and Tesla (TSLA) and why it is still a short, Theresa May trying to woo the wrong businessmen, gender pay gap bollocks in the Mail on Sunday and the theft Bulletin Board Morons approve of and ADVFN (AFN) cuts its own throat by not tackling, copyright theft.


1220 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Mark Carney talks Brexit cock (again) & no Angus Energy placing, I was played

Most of what was in yesterday's bearcast on Angus Energy (ANGS) stands. The ramping is sordid and the company MUST come clean on Tidswell-Pretorious and his sordid share dealings. But I do not believe there is a placing at 6p. I was played and discuss that. Project Fear cheerleader Mark Carney says a no deal Brexit could cause house prices to fall by 35%. I explain why he is talking total cock (again). I look at Amur Minerals (AMC), Pan African Resources (PAF), Obtala (OBT), Online Blockchain (OBC) and ADVFN (AFN). I did not ask how ADVFN is affected by the new EU article 13 on copyright breaches? I cannot think that it will be a good thing for it. 


1240 days ago

Drunken Sailor wins another semi naked photo of Thirsty Paul Scott - he spots the Bulletin Board Moron of the week

Juicin Drumroll demanded we bring back the contest but after two weeks we haveb the same winner both times. drunken Sailor has now won two prizes of a semi naked photo of Britian's thirstiest share blogger, Paul Scott. Come on Juicin, this contest is all about you getting a chance to win, time to up your game,man. You can see all the entries HERE but the winner from DS is, I think, from the ADVFN UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) Asylum:


1257 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is Elon Musk of Tesla going to jail and UKOG's latest smear c/o the Daily Mail is a new low

In this podcast I cover Tesla (TSLA) which is curiouser and curiouser, Optibiotix (OPTI) and the parasitic vampire that is ADVFN (AFN), Great Western Mining (GWMO), Toople (TOOP), Angus Energy (ANGS), the Brockham Well, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) anmd its latest despicable smear c/o yellow journalists at The Daily Mail and cheered on by the vermin paid share rampers of LSE Share Talk


1272 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Hell's teeth Lucian says it is actually 33 miles! IQE - I smell panic & Rangers' Dave King Court date

Brokerman Dan has been replaced as the maps man on our Woodlarks Charity walk on Saturday. Perhaps we now know why in his former career he did not always get away. For it turns out that the walk is not 32 miles but 33. Lucian has mapped it out in full. Cripes. We now need just over £2,000 to reach our £20,000 target so if you have not yet sponsored me please do so HERE. Get us to target & I will shut up about it. In the podcast I look at IQE (IQE), Rangers FC and another date in court for Dave King, Thirsty Paul Scott not understanding what research means & wanting me not to cover Sosandar (SOS), Cenkos (CNKS), ADVFN (AFN) and Online Blockchain (OBC), Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) and Fishing Republic (FISH) which, I think, is AIM toast in waiting 


1347 days ago

Clem's London Blockchain Summit – 30% Discount for ShareProphets Readers

We may like to have a bit of a Turkish when posting videos featuring Clem Chambers of ADVFN (AFN) explaining blockchain but we still run a couple of newsletters together so, on that basis, if you want to go to Clem's great blockchain conference in London on June 13th there is a 30% discount on tickets for ShareProphets readers.


1398 days ago

Trendsignal = Bullshit Spouters

For some reason I get emails from an outfit called Trendsignal. According to the pretigious ADVFN awards this outfit is the "Best Trading Education Provider" which, I guess means that it spends a lot advertising with ADVFN. Having just read its mailshot I concludee these chaps are A grade bullshitters and I would not use their products if you paid me.


1403 days ago

Brokerman Dan literally robbed in new ADVFN awards - surely he had a hat-trick in the bank?

ADVFN (AFN) has today published its list of big advertisers on its website, oops I meant to say its awards for outstanding contributions to financial services. As ever I take the list of winners with the gravity that is merited. They really are the cornerstone of the financial calendar these days. But one fact screams out at me: BrokerMan Dan Levi was on a hat-trick as share blogger of the year - surely he had the title in the bank. But he's been robbed. 


1411 days ago

Free Crypto pizza with Clem Chambers - what could be better?

It is advertised all over ADVFN with - I assume - Online Blockchain (OBC) paying the full commercial rate. But here's a promo for free. How would you want free pizza with PR bird Steffi and the entertainment provide by ADVFN (AFN) and Online boss Clem Chambers. I say entertainment - have you seen this video below?


1491 days ago

Roger Lawson slates ADVFN - surely if Lawson is right the company must have broken the rules

I hold no candle for either Roger Lawson of ShareSoc or ADVFN (AFN) but Lawson has made the most serious of allegations about ADVFN's AGM of last week which surely the company needs to answer and thus I bring Lawson's words to a wider audience. While he is at it Lawson has a go at ADVFN's business model and its blockchain spoofery. 


1501 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ADVFN & Online talk 100% crypto-bollocks - does anyone swallow this shite?

Today Joshua and I have coffee with the fit young mums then we are off to go to his first business lunch. I have a work lunch and my boy is coming too. That is the deal for folks wanting to meet up on a Wednesday to Friday. I start today's podcast with ADVFN (AFN) and On-Line (ONL) talking pure 100% unadulterated crypto bollocks. Then it is onto Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) - good news yes but given its track record of allowing insider dealing, misleading customers and investors and, arguably, wholesale securities fraud I would not buy. I look at The People's Operator (TPOP) and question the wording of today's RNS - the shares are 71% down but this could well be toast by Christmas - look at the wording again! Finally a few words on the latest news from the boiler room and the dog Sabien (SNT) 


1520 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: More reflections on UKOG & Falanx as I pine for Greece and the fit young mums

Sadly illness is still rife in this house so for this Thursday it is no coffee for me with the fit young mums. At least I shall be in Greece in five days time and that must be restorative to my health. In this podcast I start by looking back on UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and its death spiral. I explain exactly how it works. Then a few further thoughts on Falanx (FLX) and why I am not selling our shares at this price. Then I look at Alexander Mining (AXM), another mega spoof from Clem Chambers, this time at ADVFN (AFN),  at "Nomates" disaster RM2 (RM2)Fishing Republic (FISH) - a good zero bet -  and at Regal Petroleum (RPT) which seems to be in a spot of bother in Ukraine.


1520 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: AIM Companies starting to surf the wave of Blockchain madness - I've seen this all before

In this bonus podcast prompted by recent events at African Potash (AFPO) and ADVFN (AFN) I look back on other bouts of market insanity. There was the radio boom of the 1920s and the dot com boom of 1999-2001 but is the blockchain bubble at 1999, 2000 or 2001? Among the companies also mentioned are On Line (ONL), Vela (VELA), Milestone Group (MSG)  and Coinsilium (COIN), where we have a small holding. Madness, my friends, is in the air.


1533 days ago

Some of my fellow shareholders in Sosandar don't seem like the brightest sparks

It seems that Thursday's RTO of Sosandar (SOS) at 15.1p went well enough. The shares closed Friday at 20p-21p and I am very confident indeed that we loyal shareholders would have a chance to sell at well over 30p before too long. This retailer will not be disappointing with its next trading statement which, I'm sure, will force brokers to increase forecasts. But some of my fellow shareholders don't seem to be the brightest sparks or my greatest fans. From the ADVFN asylum:


1542 days ago

On Line: The Spoof continues thanks to the ADVFN Share blogger of the year

Want to know why shares in On Line (ONL) the company with no realisable assets and a small overdraft so NO CASH TO INVEST but which is run by ADVFN boss Clem Chambers - soared from c19p to 81.5p today? Natch go to the man twice recognised as the share blogger of the year by ADVFN, Brokerman Dan. The great man opined on his blog:


1543 days ago

On-Line - Spoooooooooooooooof! Gotcha says ADVFN's Clem Chambers

I would not want to play poker against ADVFN (AFN) and On Line (ONL) boss Clem Chambers. The man has pulled off a blinder of a spoof this morning with On Line which has sent its shares soaring by 50%. It is all bollocks but I take my hat off to Clem anyway for pulling off such a classic spoof.


1576 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - I'm so ffing angry with Amryt, I'm off for coffee with the fit young mums

I am a shareholder in Amryt (AMYT) which has had a placing today. I am furious and feel shafted. The shares are almost certainly cheap but I feel livid so am off, with Joshua, for coffees with the fit young mums. I also comment on i3 Energy (TOAST), 88 Energy (88E), Frontera (FRR) and ADVFN (AFN).


1623 days ago

Tom Winnifrith: Sign up now for new free share tip service

Following compliants from Roger Lawson, ADVFN has insisted on a raft of new editorial controls on I did not re-start my life five years ago to be told what I could or could not write. I said no and ADVFN boss Clem Chambers has just said that the website will be shut down. So...our hand is forced ... Welcome to - we hope you join NOW HERE.


1641 days ago

ADVFN does not want to take money from neo paedophiles - well done

I flagged up a while back how some neo-nonce made inappropriate comments on the ADVFN Bulletin Board about my daughter turning 16 - see HERE. What amazed me were the comments that appeared elsewhere suggesting that - as with death threats received - "while there is no excuse for this , you do ask for it." Truly some folks are morally bankrupt. But not ADVFN.


1655 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: We 3 crooks of the AIM are, stealing money we travel so far..

The Mrs goes back to work tomorrow after her maternity leave. So as of Friday i am dealing with nappy shit not AIM shit as my primary job. But Bearcast will return every day in September. Today the Mrs is out with Joshua so I am bored and have a lot to say. I start with MichaelMouse an ADVFN Bulletin Board moron committing market abuse as he shows he understands nothing - he really is a Mickey Mouse figure.. I have harsh words about Telit (TCM) and TrakM8 (TRAK) in that section. Then it is onto what "Strategic Review" means in plain English, ref Entu (ENTU). Finally to the meat of the podcast covering Mercantile Ports & Logistics (MPL), its fellow FRAUD Redcentric (RCN) and the worthless crap Magnolia (MAGP) and what it says about AIM and the failed Nomad system that Messrs Gandhi, Fisher and not so lovely Rita have not been fired. Warning: this bearcast contains some strong language and phrases of a sexual nature. 


1657 days ago

ADVFN - are you happy making money from neo-paedophiles or those who think Lolita was a guide to dating?

Sometimes in business you have a moral choice. Do you accept the custom of an individual or not. As a libertarian I do not thing it should be for the state to tell me who I can or cannot choose to serve. 


1671 days ago

Fusionex - last day to sell, Nomad quits, homophobic ADVFN moron J777J19 have fun!

As I had suggested might happen several times, Nomad Stifel has resigned the Fusionex (FXI) account. It could not wait for the AIM delisting on the 26th. Instead it gave notice after hours yesterday that it was quitting as Nomad and Broker with effect from 5PM today. Hooray.Game over.


1688 days ago

Saturday Caption Contest - the Naked Share Blogger of the Year Edition

Don't worry it is not Paul Scott in the altogether, it is the official ADVFN share blogger of the year, Mr Daniel Levi, aka Brokerman Dan with his bling. All we ask is that you supply a suitable caption for the photo below with a deadline of midnight tonight. Post away in the comments section below. For what it is worth my entry is:


1758 days ago

And this another reason why folks just can't take ADVFN seriously...its joke awards are announced

The joke awards from ADVFN (AFN) are here again and yet again Brokerman Dan is honoured as the share blogger of the year. Two wins in three years. Nothing to do with him being on the board of delisted & shamed Sefton Resources together with his pals the ADVFN bosses, running an online tipsheet with the ADVFN Chairman this is all down to merit. Oh yes it is. Stop sniggering at the back! Actually it is not the most "interesting" award.


1770 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week sponsored by the Glenwick Ramping Crew - a winner announced

Well thanks to Big Gib and the Glenwick (GWIK) ramping crew for sponsoring last week's Bulletin Board moron contest which served up a raft of entries as you can see HERE. The winner was Juicin Drumroll who spotted this great observation from a Long & Strong Cloudtag (CTAG) moron posting on the ADVFN Asylum with the shares suspended and due to be booted off AIM two weeks from today.


1772 days ago

Tom Winnifrith is going to flee to Greece and close ShareProphets rather than fight Aidan Earley said the moron: think again - here is our Court filing

How do you keep an idiot in suspense? Over to Copperwindow, a moron on the ADVFN Worthington (WRN) thread who posts about 30 times a day how he is going to be rich and how Aidan Earley is going to crush me in Court. Yesterday, among his posts he stated: 


1785 days ago

Reporting ADVFN moron tomwinnifrith to the FCA for market abuse

I detailed earlier how some moron had registered on ADVFN as tomwinnifrith and then posted a lot of piffle making it clear that it was meant to be me. Among the more ridiculous assertions was the statement that: " I will remain selfishly against CTAG, even when it bounces back to previous highs. But not as active as before. We need it to get back to £40m-£60m market cap, at which point we will do it all again." were the biggest Cloudtag bear (target price 0p) be saying he "needed" the shares to get back to a 9-13.5p level and that he expected that because "at that point" would be dramatic. But of course...


1785 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Day - tomwinnifrith - NOT!

The ADVFN bulletin boards are so poorly regulated that you can register with any name without any proof that it is yours. And so once again as at 26 February some moron has registered as tomwinnifrith to post as me about Cloudtag (CTAG), natch. I note once again that I am paid to write here, why would I write for free on a chatroom. And moreover why would I write the sort of obvious crap you see below. 


1815 days ago

A Latin lesson for the Cloudtag Bulletin Board Savants

My attention is drawn to comments on the ADVFN Bulletin Board (Cloudtag thread natch) where various savants who, one suspects, are not classically educated accuse me of not pronouncing ceteris paribus correctly. Just to clarify.


1839 days ago

If Aidan Earley is about to get your posts on ADVFN removed - copy them and send them to us and we will publish in full.

Convicted criminal Aiden Earley has today sent a lawyers letter to ADVFN (AFN) threatening it, unless it removes posts made by certain individuals within 48 hours. The insurance policy ADVFN has is standard for Bulletin Boards and means that it is almost certain to remove the posts even though it knows that they are not defamatory in any way shape or form. So much for free speech in the UK.


1851 days ago

Photo article: Sefton AGM today? Er..when? Where is the notice?

The word on the street is that the AGM of Sefton Resources (SER) is to be held today at the Essex offices of ADVFN PLC (AFN) - the head honchos at both company's being the same. Flip flop Ben Turney, who now owns almost 13% of the stock says that ADVFN boss Clem Chambers has slammed the phone down on him as he tried to confirm this.


1875 days ago

Spot on: Waseem Shakoor on Bulletin Board censorship and when Cloudtag shares will hit 0.1p

Bear raider Waseem Shakoor had called Cloudtag (CTAG) pretty well so far and he is also bang on the money on the matter of free speech. He has just posted this on the ADVFN asylum and he is 100% correct. Or is he? My target is 0p as this is a fraud. Shakoor is just too generous with his 0.1p target. He writes:


1875 days ago

Paranoid Cloudtag owning Moron of the day - rogthepodge on the ADVFN asylum.

The post below shows just how paranoid some of these morons are, but also their bloated sense of self-importance. Do they honestly think that our writers have the time let alone the inclination to go posting on God damn BBs anonymously. Journalists write - usually - in their own name on websites where they are paid hard cash to write. This poltroon should not be left in charge of a piggy bank let alone a share trading account. But I do hope he finds three minutes to watch THIS


1902 days ago

Sefton: Ben Turney turns up heat on ADVFN's Chambers & Hodges: buys a share in ADVFN

As we revealed yesterday, ADVFN (AFN) bosses Clem Chambers & Mike Hodges who also run now delisted Sefton Resources (SER) have stated that flip flop Ben Turney has not submitted an EGM request to oust them. Flip Flop has denied this and accused the Sefton board of lying to their investors. Now Turney has parked his tank on the ADVFN lawn.


1903 days ago

Sefton: Ben Turney accuses ADVFN's Chambers and Hodges of lying to investors

Flip Flop Ben Turney who is endeavouring to oust Clem Chambers and Mike Hodges of ADVFN (AFN) from the board of now de-listed Sefton Resources (SER) has accused the two men of "telling blatant and demonstrable lies to investors in Sefton."


1906 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: sticking it to Big Gob, Justin the Clown, The Rule Breaker Whitby and the dog Andalas

This podcast is not just about the dog with fleas that is Andalas (ADL) and the motley crew of low life and fools associated with it. I also cover Highlands Natural (HNR), Mayan (MYN) and ADVFN (AFN) for whom I have a question. It is not exactly the most blue chip of selections today is it?  The hot tip for a fiver I mentioned can be accessed .HERE


1910 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast : a word or two on the ADVFN Results

These numbers from ADVFN (AFN) were snuck out late on Friday. In part they relate to me and I can say that they are categorically misleading and so here  I set the record straight. And then I analyse. This may well be commercially damaging for me but I am not going to stay silent this time as I explained yesterday HERE


1912 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: this is going to cost me hard cash but sometimes you have to speak out

Speaking out against Bushveld Minerals (BMN) today will cost me hard cash but I want nothing to do with this company after its sordid antics of last week. I plan tomorrow to look at how ADVFN's (AFN) results snuck out at no-one is watching O'Clock yesterday do not give a full and fair picture and that may also cost me financially. So be it. 15 years ago I was a failed whistleblower. I think there are mitigating circumstances but I regret it none the less and relay that story. Sometimes, whatever the consequences, you just have to speak up.


1921 days ago

Sefton - call to arms: Flip Flop Ben Turney now at 21% support to oust the board

The board of Sefton (SER) was informed eight days ago that Flip Flop Ben Turney owned 13% of the issued share capital and was demanding an EGM to oust the current directors, ADVFN (AFN) bosses Clem Chambers and Mike Hodges with Ben taking control. The resolution arrived in the BVI yesterday by snail mail but after eight days Flip Flop has not had a response. But he seems to have growing support and there are other developments.


1927 days ago

Cloudtag and the dodgy web of offshore connections - Panama Papers and all that..

My attention is drawn by a member of the Global Shorting Conspiracy to three most excellent posts by a chap called Nod4 on the ADVFN Bulletin Board. I have no idea who this fellow is but his digging on the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) is most excellent. This company is all smoke and mirrows and Lucian and I have another matter of real nsignificant to raise later today. We've done a bit of sleuthing ourselves. But on the offshore stink, I can do no better than bring you Nod4's posts. Suffice to say the shares remain a sell at 19p with a target - as is the case with all frauds - of 0p. Over to Mr Nod4:


1975 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - I don't believe a single word you say or write

No more public service calls today, I would not want you thinking that I am a nice guy: yesterday was a one off! Lucian seems to have found a new China Norfolk over on the Nifty Fifty. I look at AEC (AEC) which should not be on AIM, On-Line (ONL) and its relationship with ADFVN (AFN), Glenwick (GWIK) and Golden Saint Resources (GSR) which - after this - is simply not investable or credible in any way shape or form. And there is more to come. On the bull tack I look at Independent Oil & Gas (IOG).  Yes I did say bull tack!


1980 days ago

Bulletin Board Ramper of the Week sponsored by Strat Aero PR man sayitlikeitis

Over the weekend we revealed how Strat Aero's PR man boasted of pretending to be a Bulletin Board Moron, sayitlikeitis, to post rampatstic nonsense on the LSE & ADVFN asylums. He was paid to ramp the stock with ludicrous claims and comments but some folks do it for free!. Please nominate your BB ramper of the week posting the most ludicrous claims you can find on boards or on twitter (so Big Gob tweet ramps are eligible) in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight Sunday 15th August. Ramps on any stock are eligible.


1986 days ago

Worthington Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest Result

Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner of the last contest of two weeks ago. The beauty of this winner from among all the entries you can see HERE is that he demonstrates a general point about the delusions of the common or garden lesser spotted Moron.


1991 days ago

Antrim Energy Shares surge as Criminal Chris Oil dumps his stock...but when?

Given the way that the concert party of criminal Chris Oil, ADVFN boss Clem Chambers and Brokerman Dan have managed to make Sefton the company that it is today, delisted and almost out of cash, folks might have feared that the next port of call was AIM Listed Antrim Energy (AEY) where the three amigos had built up a disclosable stake of 5.6 million shares. 


1992 days ago

And still the Quindell Bulletin Board Morons try (and fail) to put us out of business

The FCA is set to fine Cenkos over the Quindell fraud, the FRC has thanked me as it panned Quindell for fraud, and the SFO is making good progress on the Quindell fraud yet some morons still blame me for the penury they suffer as a result of ignoring our warnings that Quenron was a fraud. These fools really do believe that Rob Terry was a good guy and, unbelievably, are still trying to put me out of business. Step forward a troll on the ADVFN Asylum posting crap under the nom de plume NickyName.


2003 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week: back for Worthington's Final collapse

As I noted earlier, Friday really could be Worthington's (WRN) last stand. No doubt its supporters on the LSE will have all sorts of excuses and will be blaming the usual suspects (me, Brexit, Evil) for their losses. This is too much of an opportunity to miss for we voyeurs of the moron community. But posts from other threads can also be submitted in the comments section below with a deadline of Sunday 24th July. I reckon Cloudtag (CTAG) and Highlands Natural (HNR) on the LSE and ADVFN asylums will prove happy hunting grounds.


2050 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: On the toast rack are CIC Gold, xCite and Gulf Keystone & what's happening at TrakM8?

There may not be a bearcast tomorrow. It is all down to the arrival of the Mrs as I explain. Meanwhile I look at Gulf Keystone (GKP) and XCite (XEL). The best time to kick a man is when he is down. So says Evil Knievil. And that applies to these two oilers where events are moving fast and the shares are near enough certs to be toast already. CIC Gold (CICG) is in an even worse state and today's RNS is a shambles. The curse of boy scout mugger Stuart Bromley strikes again. It is doomed. Then I discuss what, if anything, is wrong at TrakM8 (TRAK). Then a question raised by the share price move on Friday at ADVFN (AFN).


2121 days ago

ADVFN - 3 questions

ADVFN (AFN) owns 20% of this website but that cannot mean that both as a public company but also a website many of us use daily, we can avoid asking a couple of questions after it snuck out interims at 5.45 PM the day before the bank holiday weekend - no'one is watching O'Clock. Moreover I am being berated by many folks for not flagging this up. I will now get bashed for flagging it up. I cant win so make no comment but just ask three questions.


2140 days ago

Mickey Mouse ADVFN Awards - I lose again, Stanley Gibbons wins - whatever

Last year in ADVFN's financial services awards the share blogger of the year was Dan Levi, Brokerman Dan, aka the business partner of ADVFN head honcho Clem Chambers. Natch I was gutted not to win so what about this year. Shucks. The awards were announced this morning and once again I am not even mentioned. Double shucks.

The blogger of the year is Robbie Burns who wrote a best selling book about 15 years ago. His website appears to feature a new diary entry about once a month. These days Robbie earns his living charging an arm and a leg for his trading courses. He who can does he who cant teaches but am sure it is different for this guy. Anyhow well done Robbie. Maybe if I stop breaking the biggest stockmarket frauds on a regular basis and cut down to one article a month I might win next year?

I note that Robbie is in good company in the award winners. The best research analysts are Edison. You mean the folks who are paid by companies to churn out shite bullish notes to ramp stocks ahead of placings? Yes indeed,


2155 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week (5/2016) - amazingly Chris Oil was defeated last week

It is hard to believe but despite his threats of violence and the way he confuses flower arranging with boxing, criminal twerp Chris Oil was not last week's Bulletin Board or twitter moron of the week. A couple of his deluded rants were among the fine nominations for moron of the week - and you can see the full list of entries here - but the winner was spotted by Drunken Sailor on the ADVFN asylum. Can you do better this week?


2194 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 14 January - Blenheim disgrace, Rosslyn ramps & other AIM shockers

I start with last night's/this morning's twitter tag team trolling of me by David Lenigas and Yusuf Kajee of Afriag (AFRI). I really feel pity for them and next time I go to Church ( December 24th) will pray for them. Then it is on to ADVFN (AFN) and its share price movement, to Blenheim Natural Resources (BNR) & African Potash (AFPO) an AIM tale of shame. Then I move into Riosslyn Data (RDT) and the looming placing, blinkx (BLNX) and Restaurant Group (RTN)


2221 days ago

Rob Proctor of Audioboom breaks AIM Rules with Justin the Clown

A kind reader points out that Rob Proctor of Audioboom (BOOM) has committed a clear breach of AIM Rules in a podcast recorded with Justin the Clown on ADVFN on Tuesday this week following the latest dire (lack of) profits warning.


2225 days ago

David Lenigas inspired Bulletin Board Moron of the day - ADVFN Asylum

It seems that the repeated claims by Jabba The Hutt about my drug use (none for 25 years as it happens) are influencing one of his peasant followers into a flurry of racist slurs and wild accusations. Apparently I am now a drug producer as well as a drug user now. I leave you to marvel at rwauu from the ADVFN Afriag (AFRI) asylum but also let you know, underneath, what the City professionals think.


2231 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 December - InternetQ, battle underway, LGO a RNS that says desperate

In today's podcast I update you all on the olive harvest - I managed four hours in the fields today despite still being in real pain. But not as much as LGO Energy (LGO) - its RNS today smells of desperation. For strategic review read "the game is up" and that also applies to Kolar Gold (KGLD). I comment on Avanti Communications (AVN) where the share price crumble is accelerating - remember debt is crack cocaine for management but for shareholders it is bad for your wealth. I comment on Silver Falcon (SILF) and tick off the grossly irresponsible, Justin the Clown of ADVFN and also on Defenx (DFX), rapidly becoming an IPO omnishambles. Then onto InternetQ (INTQ) where it is now "game on" but I end with Antrim Energy (AEY) where a concert party of Brokerman Dan, market abuser Chris OIl and ADVFN (AFN) head honcho Clem Chambers have just taken a 3% stake. Warning: this podcast contains bad language.


2247 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 November - No Sleep till Brooklyn

I am sure folks my age know who sang that classic. The year it came out I was living in Brooklyn. I'm back. Boy its changed. The corner where I used to come out of the subway and get offered drugs is now a plush little oasis. I sit in the Starbucks opposite. How things have changed. In today's bearcast I look at the real scandal and failings at HBOS, explain why flip flop's view of AIM is, like that of the Clown on ADVFN, narrow and distorted and flag up a few interesting factoids explaining my increasing bearishness about the stockmarket.


2267 days ago

Not Jeremy Paxman interviews the self-proclaimed Britain’s Buffett – kiss of death portfolio

Following on from his disasters at Sefton Resources (SER) – suspended – MX Oil (MXO) – halved mummy’s cash and Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) another 50% hit,  what other shares have the kiss of death blessing of market abuser Chris Oil, the man who says he is Britain’s Buffett. I bring you a video of him being interviewed by a hapless Sith Lord, Zak Mir. Sometimes the Sith Lord makes even Justin the Clown over at ADVFN seem probing.


2276 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 October - Go Paul Scott! Globo + No-one Oclock round up Friday

In today's podcast I cheer on Paul Scott in his twitter battle with  Roger Lawson (see HERE). Then it is onto Globo (GBO) and where we are now. Then I look at the companies announcing at no-one is watching O'Clock yesterday: IGAS (IGAS), EKF Diagnostics (EKF), ADVFN (AFN) and Gulf Keystone (GKP)


2277 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 23 October: Daniel Stewart, Globo, Suspensions happening & hangings I call for

A wide ranging little podcast with none of the bad language ( well less) in my earlier bearcast on CEB Resources (CEB) and its scumbag CEO Dave Whitby (HERE). In this edition I cover Globo (GBO), Daniel Stewart (DAN) – with breaking news  - Northbridge Industrial (NBI), Auhua (ACE), New World Oil & Gas (NEW), ADVFN (AFN), Sefton Resources (SER) Holders Technology (HDT) and Northern Petroleum (NOP) 


2277 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special: Dave Whitby of CEB Resources should be sacked and prosecuted TODAY

Shares in CEB Resources (CEB) are suspended on AIM ahead of an announcement on Monday. That is because its CEO Dave Whitby revealed a stack of price sensitive data including news that an RTO was planned in a podcast on ADVFN with Justin the Clown Yesterday. Flip Flop Ben Turney is so busy blowing smoke up the arse of Whitby that he may wish to ignore this. Whitby has broken insider dealing laws and a stack of AIM Rules. He should be sacked at once, barred from AIM and prosecuted. If you want to clean up AIM you deal with those who break the laws. Whitby has broken the laws. The Sheriff of AIM is getting a noose ready...


2286 days ago

Carry on up the Sefton Resources, the final countdown – AIM suspension by Friday?

Carry on Up the Sefton Resources (SER) has helpfully given us an update on its death throws as an AIM casino listed stock – suspension could well arrive by as soon as Friday at 7 AM. The timetable of doom is thus:

This afternoon Chairman Jossy meets wannabee CEO Clem Chambers, the boss of ADVFN (AFN). Clem, backed by Dan Levi and market abuser Chris Oil, is insisting that he wants to go on the board ASAP even though no Nomad will act for Sefton under new management. This, BTW, is not a reflection on Clem but on Mr Oil.


2301 days ago

Sefton – Victory for Team Market abuser Chris Oil. Or is it?

We all knew that at the October 6 EGM, team Chris Oil would win and that the current directors – bar Jossy Rachmantio would be booted out to be replaced by ADVFN’s (AFN) Clem Chambers and Mike Hodges.  Sefton (SER) has now thrown in the towel but the drama is far from over.

Oil and Comrade Dan Levi have now withdrawn their EGM requisition and Jossy has agreed to welcome Chambers and Hodges to the board at some time in October. At that point Nomad Allenby will quit.

If no new Nomad steps up then Sefton will be slung off the casino. Today Sefton stated:


2305 days ago

Bulletin Board Morons & Peasants of the day – ADVFN Jiasen thread

I never cease to wonder at the stupidity of some of the Bulletin Board Morons. Today’s interims from AIM Casino China fraud Jiasen (JSI) are dreadful – an abandonment of dividend policy despite the company claiming to be drowning in cash, a warning of how it will explain away that imaginary cash. Shares in this company have slumped in less than two years from an IPO price of 82p to 7.25p (up 1.25p today).  Yet the morons celebrate. 


2312 days ago

Reader Poll: Which Nomad will commit reputation hara-kiri and act for Chris Oil run Sefton Resources

It is now certain, following the shock resignation of Raylene Whitford, that Sefton Resources (SER) will soon be run by Clem Chambers and Mike Hodges at the behest of Brokerman Dan and market abuser Chris Oil. Nomad Allenby will quit the day the new consortium takes charge meaning Sefton will be booted off the AIM Casino unless a new Nomad steps forward. So which Nomad wants to commit reputation hara-kiri?

Mr Oil says he has already secured a Nomad. Mr Chambers seemed less sure when being monstered by Justin the Clown on a recent interview. So who will act for Sefton? We ask you to vote in our latest reader poll. Deadline Sunday Midnight:


2322 days ago

Sefton Resources - the farce will become tragedy thanks to market abuser Chris Oil - 0p target

As Ben revealed HERE Chris Oil has requested an EGM at Sefton Resources to oust the board and replace it with the ADVFN (AFN) duo of Clem Chambers and Mike Hodges. This is a disaster as I expect the market abuser Oil to win. If he does Sefton may well be delisted and its shares are worthless as I explain in today's special podcast. My target price for Sefton shares is now 0p.


2324 days ago

A Condor Gold Bulletin Board Moron claims Tom Winnifrith has awesome powers – I’m flattered

Over on the ADVFN Asylum, Condor Gold (CNR) Thread the poor saps are wondering where their money has gone. Of course …it is all my fault that the shares have cratered from 200p to 51p sending £70 million to money heaven.


2326 days ago

Lying Bulletin Board Moron of the Day – Ten Bag Man, Tern Thread ADVFN

What can I say other than that the poster below is a unmitigated tool. From the ADVFN asylum, Tern thread meet TEN BAG MAN:


2372 days ago

Market abuser Chris Oil tries to ramp New World Oil & Gas - ShareProphets Translation service

Market abuser Chris Oil has amazingly still been offered a platform by the ADVFN Newspaper to write his semi-literate shite. Today he tries to pump New World Oil & Gas (NEW) with a ludicrous suggestion that a company with piss-poor worthless assets, a totally discredited management and c£3 million of cash could be worth £40 million. In this podcast I serve up a translation of the Oil piffle which you can see below. 


2375 days ago

Get it down dickhead - texted Brokerman Dan Levi

Foxy PR bird Stefania tweeted a photo of Brokerman Dan (Levi) setting up a desk in the offices of ADVFN. Foxy Steffi is the PR spinner for ADVFN.  We used that photo tweeted to the whole world in an article yesterday HERE


2375 days ago

Brokerman Dan (Levi) and market abuser Chris Oil – EGM to change the Sefton board on its way?

Last Friday it was announced that Dan Levi (Brokerman Dan) and the market abuser Chris Oil (HEREHERE and HEREhad upped their stake in Sefton Resources from 9.4% to 10.2%. Sources tell us that this is a prelude to them calling an EGM to ditch the board and install Clem Chambers & Mike Hodges of ADVFN as directors with Levi as a consultant. 

Talking of installing, Levi now appears to have an office at ADVFN. And Chris Oil’s foxy PR bird Stefania (formerly PR to Sefton) is now doing ADVFN’s PR.  What a happy bunch of campers.


2391 days ago

Sefton Boardroom Excess: Sorry Clem my friend this is not acceptable

We have a lot of business dealings with ADVFN PLC and so writing this is very hard but we cannot give ADVFN boss Clem Chambers an easy time on the basis of our relationship, because the latest news of boardroom excess at Sefton Resources (SER) is just not acceptable.


2399 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast -23rd June, the night after

Not at my sharpest today - blame Zak Mir. In this podcast I cover ADVFN, Imagantik, Alecto, Greka Drilling, Green Dragon Gas, Monitise, Auhua, Falanx, Jiasen and its 25th June date.


2444 days ago

Video from UK Investor Show 2015 - ADVFN explains how to use level 2 data

In this video from UK Investor Show ADVFN hosts a presentation explaining how to use level 2 data.


2461 days ago

Video: Clem Chambers, CEO of ADFVN PLC presents at UK Investor Show 2015

Clem Chambers has just seen off an attempt to oust him and fellow directors from the board of ADVFN (AFN). Here in this video from UK Investor Show 2015 he presents the investment case for his company.


2466 days ago

Come & Meet New Sefton Resources at Free Speech & Liberty Friday night

If you are up in London for UK Investor show on Saturday and fancy a quiet and relaxing evening beforehand do not bother reading on. But if you fancy a drink and a pizza with new Sefton (SER), aka “mancslumboy” Brokerman Dan, Clem Chambers of ADVFN and their uber-foxy PR bird plus a sprinkling of ShareProphets writers and other CEOs attending the show, all will be gathering from 6 PM


2474 days ago

ADVFN – sees off EGM Request but what next?

ADVFN (AFN) has today stated that it has rejected a request from folks owning 25% of its shares for an EGM to change the entire board and it has accused those seeking an EGM of all sorts of naughty things. Words like “criminal” and “bullying” appear in the release. So what next?


2486 days ago

The stupidest Quindell Shareholder of the lot has a fiendish plot to destroy Waseem & Tom Winnifrith

The competition as to who is the stupidest shareholder in Quindell (QPP) is an intense one with a crowded field but I think I have a winner from the ADVFN asylum, whites123, who has revealed his cunning plan to destroy myself and Waseem Shakoor. The sheer insanity of it all defies belief and involved Gate Ventures (GATE). Whites123 posts today:


2501 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast No 1 on 11 March - ADVFN and Gulf Keystone

By the time this goes live I shall be in the High Court. I comment briefy, sing a song for a regular listener and then move onto ADVFN PLC with some observatuons, on the nature of Bulletin Boards and onto Gulf Keystone


2501 days ago

Free Speech Explained to critics of Clem Chambers & other Bulletin Board Morons (6th time)

For the 6th time - the first perhaps for our many new readers - I feel the need to explain what free speech really means and to put the record straight for Clem Chambers of ADVFN (AFN)  I hope this explains free speech with reference to the comments board on this website very clearly notably in my piece earlier on ADVFN HERE.


2502 days ago

ADVFN – Should the board be sacked? I write – potentially – my own P45

Yesterday it was announced that shareholders owning c22% of ADVFN had demanded an EGM to vote on sacking the entire board. They cocked up the paperwork according to ADVFN but that will be rectified so there is going to be a vote. Obviously I am not entirely a disinterested party.

Clem Chambers and Mike Hodges are friends of mine. We work with ADVFN on a range of joint ventures so from a personal point of view I’d clearly like the status quo.

Clem reckons that the current board has 20-30% of the shareholders onside and as such using his mid-number this is too close to call. It is all down to how the army of small shareholders in ADVFN vote, if they can be bothered.

I suspect that the rebels will go for ADVFN 


2515 days ago

Reader Post of the Day – Blinkx

We flagged up early yesterday that a change of auditor is always worth looking into especially when the firm is one link blinkx (BLNX) which has issued profits warnings, attacked its critics with lawyer’s letters and was spun out of Autonomy whose accounts have been questioned a tad. And thus hat tip to Tempress for pointing this out picking up a very perceptive post on ADVFN. Over to temptress


2517 days ago

Sefton – Surreal, Clem Chambers joins the acid trip

If life at AIM's most entertaining stock could not get any more bizarre we learn today that my pal Clem Chambers, the boss of ADVFN (AFN) - our business partner - has joined Brokerman Dan on the board of Sefton Resources (SER). Clem is not an oil man but will no doubt offer Dan valuable guidance on corporate governance issues.

Meanwhile Sefton (net assets minus a few quid) has raised £900,000 from lucky clients of Cornhill at 0.55p and a few more bits of confetti to clear some of the liabilities left by Dan’s predecessor Jimmyliar Ellerton who had to fall on his sword after he sued Dan and me for libel for calling him a lying crook. Jimmyliar’s great problem in that case was that we were bang on the money.

Dan Levi says


2520 days ago

The Worthington Fraud Part 12 – Who benefits and Bulletin Board Censorship

I shall return with more leaked documents and analysis of the Worthington (WRN) fraud tomorrow but I digress with a great post showing who benefits from this fraud which was deleted from the ADVFN thread and I explain exactly why.

Clem Chambers and ADVFN believe in free speech. Clem has defended my right to say what I do in the face of threats to his business and commercial blackmail. He is a good guy. However when running a Bulletin Board if a company says that a post is defamatory you have no choice – you must delete it or otherwise you become liable. And ADVFN has no time to investigate every single post.

And so last week


2520 days ago

The Worthington Fraud Part 7 – back to European and Asian

Thanks to the tawnyport poster on the ADVFN Bulletin Board for flagging this up. Unlike the wankers at the FT I’m happy to give credit where credit is due. Part 8 of this series has a stunning email or two and is a bombshell but this helps set the scene. 

We return to Hong Kong registered European and Asian Ltd which shares an address with a firm where Craig Whyte is the authorised signatory.  European is the company that holds all of the equity of Mandolyn Ltd, which in turn receives Doug Ware's warrants in return for his CEO services.  European and Asian Ltd is also the sole shareholder of some other companies, including one called Renatus WRN Secured Loan Note Holders Ltd (sole director one Doug Ware). I flagged up the Renatus Red Flag yesterday HERE

The 30th June 2014 Annual Accounts for Renatus shows a total of £1 of cash at bank and in hand (the nominal value of the sole share held by European and Asian Ltd).  It's a dormant company with no assets, at least at that point.  It's not trading, so has no way of generating cash.

On 29th September 2014


2530 days ago

Quindell Bulletin Board Moron of the Week 11 – a joint winner

Once again there were numerous entries which again demonstrated that some folk should not be allowed to be in charge of a piggy bank let alone trade in shares. You can see all the week eleven examples of lunacy on Quindell, Worthington and Afren HERE.  As it happens there is a tie for first place with both nominations coming from Juicin Drumroll.

Nomination one is from the ADVFN Asylum:


2537 days ago

The PLC Roll of Shame – Qui n’est ce pas Charlie

First the Bulletin Board jihadists tried to silence myself and this website with death threats. That failed. Then they tried to get ADVFN to stop working in partnership with us. That failed. Then there was an attempt to put our restaurant out of business with bogus reviews. That failed. Then they tried to bully speakers to pull out of UK Investor Show. That failed. And so now the jihadists are trying to persuade companies to stop advertising with us. And some PLCs are caving.


2545 days ago

Pacific Tycoon – An Open Letter to Media Owners: Please Boycott this POS

I am goaded into writing a letter to those responsible for the only financial websites that matter (ADVFN, iii, LSE and Motley Fool) asking them to follow our lead at ShareProphets and to publicly refuse to take any advertising from Pacific Tycoon because quite simply it is a scheme that will ensure readers lose money.

Pacific Tycoon promises bumper returns from renting out shipping containers in Asia. The returns it promises are amazing. And yet after rewarding investors it still spends vast sums on renting lists from financial websites to promote its scheme. The fact that it pays so much more than normal is a Red Flag in itself. And why does it market so aggressively if the returns are both that good and real?

It must be tempting for some media owners to take the cash. We have refused point blank to take its advertising because as I have written HEREHERE and HERE we think it is a big con. And we do not want any part of it.

I note 


2618 days ago

Quindell Bulletin Board Moron of the Day – Tycoon Ted – but sentiment is changing as it does with all frauds

I despair. Quindell “needs to sort me out” – so says Tycoon Ted on ADVFN. Well why doesn’t it launch legal proceedings as it threatened three months ago if I did not shut up and grovel? Or does Ted think it should just have me killed. What do you think Ted? Ted posts:


2632 days ago

Correction: I did not murder Quindell Non Exec Tony Bowers, the shocking CV of his replacement revealed

Version 2 with one correction: Yesterday afternoon Quenron (QPP) announced that its non-executive Deputy Chairman Tony Bowers had passed away. It did not take long for a Bulletin Board Moron to accuse me and others of murder. On the ADVFN board J777J posted:  “Was this stress related and therefore the shorts have blood on their hands?”. Whatever… Here’s what I think of Bowers and a shocking fact about his successor.


2635 days ago

Why ShareProphets turned cash away – we have ethics and Pacific Tycoon is a con

Last week a blameless salesman at ADVFN booked a marketing solus for us for Pacific Tycoon. The Asian scammers were prepared to pay great money so we would have a big payday on it. But when I learned about this I told our partners at ADVFN that if that mailing was sent to our readers I would resign. And so it was pulled. However much money we are offered we will not expose you to folks who are just out and out criminals.

I note that a poster on this site has commented on a previous article about Pacific thus:


2644 days ago

Quindell Bulletin Board Moron of the Day: Mr Palmer LSE Board – his “obligation” is to destroy me”

Oh dear, The Quenron (QPP) shareholder list does contain more than its fair share of complete and utter nutters. On an almost daily basis I am alerted to a post which has been made by someone who really is truly bonkers. I was entertained to see some cretin on ADVFN discuss the “TW Red Flags” on Quenron – apparently having a strong opinion which is not buy is deemed a Red Flag.  However, The Bulletin Board Moron of the Day is “Mr Palmer” on the LSE Board. On a day when another Quindell nutter who boasted on twitter of having a "hitlist" which included myself and Dan Levi has been reported to the Old Bill (not by me as I regard the Met as useless), Mr Palmer takes centre stage.


2656 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s Daily BearCast – October 9

Everyone else seems to be doing a podcast so I thought I’d do one. But unlike that soppy git on ADVFN who keeps telling folk to buy everything I am a bear by nature and this will be the BearCast. A daily look at profits warnings, what is wrong with the economy and markets ( notably the AIM casino) and shorting opportunities. I do not mince my words. In this third edition I look at:


2656 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's Bearcast - October 8

Everyone else seems to be doing a podcast so I thought I’d do one. But unlike that soppy git on ADVFN who keeps telling folk to buy everything I am a bear by nature and this will be the BearCast. A daily look at profits warnings, what is wrong with the economy and markets and shorting opportunities. I do not mince my words. In this second edition I look at:


2806 days ago

You MUST sack Tom Winnifrith NOW! The threats and blackmail used by those who oppose free speech

I have noted before how for daring to dissent from a cosy consensus that shares in certain stocks but notably Quindell, Globo and blinkx, are screaming buys I have received death threats, stalking and shit in the post and on the internet. But now those who seek to deny free speech have started an economic war and are actively seeking to ensure that I face economic ruin. Such folks will fail because most people believe in free speech but to see what they are up to read on.

You already know about the bogus reviews from folks claiming to have got food poisoning etc at my restaurant. It is okay, our local customers are loyal and love the place so we will survive. I might have to fire a waitress if these lies persist but I guess free speech deniers do not care about that.

The other tactic of free speech deniers is to write to ADVFN demanding that it fire me. As it happens while I have jvs with ADVFN it does not employ me. Myself and the merry band of writers I work with could work without ADVFN but would rather not do so and luckily Clem Chambers, the boss of ADVFN is a great believer in free speech (a concept defined here if you do not understand it) so the bullying and blackmail he faces from the free speech deniers will not work. However I now show you a letter sent to Clem the other day. The numbers 1-11 are my notes that are below. 


2856 days ago

Bulletin Board Bigot, and Moron and Gulf Keystone bull of the Week

ADVFN boss Clem Chambers asks if I can avoid being rude to his customers. Sorry Clem but some of your Bulletin Board customers are total and utter morons and this week’s candidate, posting as Simone Cockswiller is also a rank bigot.

Being a moron and being a bull of Gulf Keystone might in fact be synonymous but it appears that my scepticism of the past few days (see HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE) has riled this fellow. So not content – as are others – simply posting anonymously that I am a “cunt” etc., etc. this fellow has started his own Gulf thread:  Simon and Tom's Gay Sauna For Distressed Turd Burglars

At the top this fellow explains: 


2873 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week – Pengipete: ADVFN Phorm Board

As ever the competition to be awarded the title of Bulletin Board Moron of the Week is a really bitter one. There are just so many possible winners. But over on the ADVFN Phorm (PHRM) Board Pengipete is emerging as a star BB Moron of the age. It is quite possible that for this entry he might just win the coveted “BB Moron of the Year award” at the end of season. 

Pengipete posted at 44 minutes past midnight today (well past the bed-time of most sane human beings):

Just read another of winnfriths blogs and the scumbag is publishing libellous shit about BTCustomer and me - all to feather his own nest and make his bullshit seem more interesting.

"...the guf


2963 days ago

Bulletin Board Total frigging Genius of the week – Marab from ADVFN

As I note often most folks on Bulletin Boards are good decent beings. A few are total monsters or morons or both. But there is the odd total genius. Step forward Marab on the ADVFN Strategic Minerals (SML) thread.


2975 days ago

Day 23 Photo - sponsor Tom Winnifrith for Movember

ADVFN CEO Clem Chambers described Tom Winnifrith’s new facial hairs as looking “dashing”. Mrs W described them as making him look “like a criminal from the TV show Ripper Street”.  

Tom admits they are ridiculous but this is for a good cause: Movember. Will you sponsor Tom’s tash to raise money to fight prostate and testicular cancer? The most recent photo is below

If you care to sponsor Tom Winnifrith for Movember go HERE


3072 days ago

Bulletin Board Poet of the week

I am often misquoted (by BB Morons) as saying that all Bulletin Board posters are morons. Far from it. Some are but the vast majority are not. And in that vein, I offer up a post from the ADVFN Sefton board which is pure poetry if a tad on the brutal side:


Bring out your dead.

Bring out your dead.

Bring out the Sefton dead.

Daub a red cross on your doors for Monday.

There's going to be a massacre in the stampede to offload this POS before the plug is pulled next week! Disorderly market = suspension. A Suspension that SER will never come back from.

Bring out your dead! Bring out your Sefton dead.

Pile up the bodies. Ring a ring a roses a pocket full of posies


3073 days ago

Just because they want it banned - here we go again

This is the video Sefton Resources (SER) is bullying ADVFN to remove. For every bullying email, letter or phone call I hear about I shall repost the video five times just to make sure no-one misses it. Viva Free Speech. The video is nine months old and you have to admit it is really prescient.


3073 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week – Dave444 & new Sefton Target Price

From the ADVFN Sefton thread we have Dave444 with a posting which really is a classic. This sort of moron deserves to lose his cash. And as he is a Sefton shareholder we will get his desserts. Dave writes:


3080 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Fat & Stupid Scotland Edition

I am sure that this will get me into trouble in some quarters but can someone explain why there are so many fat and stupid people in Scotland? I start with its leader Alex Salmond. Faced with the fact that Scotland is the third fattest nation in the world ( after the US & Mexico) and getting fatter the Scots Government says
We are investing more than £7.5 million between 2012 and 2015 on projects to encourage healthy eating.”

a)      How much has been spent on such projects between 2009 and 2012 and did Scotland get fatter or thinner? So why spend more money?

b)      You are not investing. Scotland is a heavy net taker from the Union in fiscal terms. So you are taking money from English taxpayers and not investing it (that implies you get a return) but pissing it away creating yet more non jobs.

Okay, so we have established the Scottish Government is thick and as it happens its leader Mr. Salmond is a real lardbucket.  So what about the folks he claims to lead?


3091 days ago

Sefton Resources does not want you seeing this video

Sefton Resources  (SER) and I will be seeing each other in Court in just under three hours. But the company has today wasted more shareholders cash and contacted ADVFN asking that it remove the spoof Sefton downfall video arguing that it is a bit naughty... Ooooh er missus. 

I have advised ADVFN to take it down. This is my battle. But I’d hate for you not to enjoy the video and so in case you missed it first time around. Here it is. As financial comedy goes it is pretty good IMHO. Almost as funny as the Sefton RNS 24 hours before its last placing when it said output had risen when in fact it had fallen.

Sefton...I do not think you understand this interwebby thing do you.

See you in Court at 2.30 PM bitchez!



3112 days ago

I am pushed out of the closet (again) by Bulletin Board Moron of the week Jellyman 2

Over on the ADVFN Sefton thread it appears that one or two folks have a few bad things to say today about Jim Ellerton and Sefton Resources (SER) following Brokerman Dan’s shocking new revelations (which you can read here) and my own expose which you can read here.

But Sefton has its defenders. Jellyman 2 lashes out at one critic with this post:

To have contempt for je and sefton is fine, IF you are a holder and are loosing ££££'s. But to spout bollox and ridicule people for losing money shows what small minded, lowlife animal fuckers you really are!!!!!! and all because your gay lovers bmd and tw ARE too SCARED to post here.

Cripes. I think I am pretty open minded when it comes to sex. My partner is after all from the Grim North and is a Guardian reader. I mean how frigging tolerant does that make me?

But a gay threesome involving Dan Levi and some unnamed BB poster? Dan is a very nice fellow but there are limits to my metrosexual liberal open mindedness.

But what is it with BB Morons that they think that being gay is some sort of word of abuse? You will remember that some other BB Moron insisted that I spent my life in gay bath-houses (I have never been to one in my life, for the avoidance of doubt).

There is nothing wrong with being gay. It is not an insult. It is not something to be ashamed of. Now outing yourself as a Sefton shareholder on the other hand… yuk. But I suppose Sefton shareholders are adults who have consented to being financially buggered. If that’s what floats their boat…


3138 days ago

This week's most ramped stocks on AIM - Number 7

I offer no comment on this weekly feature it is a simple matter of observation. The two tables below show the most active discussions on the ADVFN and iii Bulletin Boards as of a Friday morning. I exclude discussions about the FTSE or blue chip stocks as in those cases private investor sentiment and trading has little influence on the share price. I include the odd fully listed stock were Private Investors can drive the price at the margin.


3146 days ago

This week's most ramped stocks on AIM - No 6

I offer no comment on this weekly feature it is a simple matter of observation. The two tables below show the most active discussions on the ADVFN and iii Bulletin Boards as of a Thursday morning. I exclude discussions about the FTSE or blue chip stocks as in those cases private investor sentiment and trading has little influence on the share price. I include the odd fully listed stock were Private Investors can drive the price at the margin


3152 days ago

This week's most ramped stocks on AIM

I offer no comment on this weekly feature it is a simple matter of observation. The two tables below show the most active discussions on the ADVFN and iii Bulletin Boards as of a Thursday morning. I exclude discussions about the FTSE or blue chip stocks as in those cases private investor sentiment and trading has little influence on the share price unlike stocks on the AIM cesspit. I include the odd fully listed stock were Private Investors can drive the price at the margin. -


3160 days ago

This week's most ramped stocks on AIM

I offer no comment on this weekly feature it is a simple matter of observation. The two tables below show the most active discussions on the ADVFN and iii Bulletin Boards as of a Thursday morning. I exclude discussions about the FTSE or blue chip stocks as in those cases private investor sentiment and trading has little influence on the share price. I include the odd fully listed stock were Private Investors can drive the price at the margin.

Column two in each table shows the percentage of clients at spreadbetting form IG Index who are long of each stock.  It is fair to assume that IG has a large enough client base and so its long/short balance is indicative of market sentiment as a whole. And the boards at iii & ADVFN have sufficient posters to also represent Private Investor sentiment as a whole.

Thus if 99% of IG clients are long of a stock that is heavily discussed on a BB thread one assumes that there is a lot of ramping going on ( that is to say folks who own a stock urging others to buy by posting bullish comment). And vice versa.


3167 days ago

This week's most ramped stocks on AIM

I offer no comment on this weekly feature it is a simple matter of observation. The two tables below show the most active discussions on the ADVFN and iii Bulletin Boards as of a Thursday morning. I exclude discussions about the FTSE or blue chip stocks as in those cases private investor sentiment and trading has little influence on the share price. I include the odd fully listed stock were Private Investors can drive the price at the margin.


3175 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week: J Bravo Esq on the ADVFN Vialogy Thread

There is always intense competition for Bulletin Board Moron of the week but J Bravo Esq is this week’s winner with an absolute stonker on the subject of AIM Cesspit listed lifestyle Management Company, oops I meant to said oilfield services company, Vialogy (VIY).

Mr Bravo posts on ADVFN



3177 days ago

Lucian Miers says he feels like entering a Witness Protection Scheme: Gulf Keystone

I have not dared look at the Gulf Keystone (GKP) Bulletin Board threads since myself and Zak Mir went openly bearish. The more I look at this the more I am bearish. Bear raider Lucien Miers outed himself as a bear over the weekend and he has dared look at the thread on ADVFN.

None of the points he raised is answered in any way. Instead there is a torrent of abuse for him (and also again myself, Zak and Shareprophets). Lucian thinks we should all now enter the witness protection programme. You can read all of our thoughts at – we are not deterred and will not be deterred from writing again.


3181 days ago

New weekly feature: The Most Ramped stocks on the AIM Cesspit revealed

I offer no comment on this weekly feature it is a simple matter of observation. The two tables below show the most active discussions on the ADVFN and iii Bulletin Boards as of a Thursday morning. I exclude discussions about the FTSE or blue chip stocks as in those cases private investor sentiment and trading has little influence on the share price. I include the odd fully listed stock were PIs can drive the price at the margin.

Column two in each table shows the percentage of clients at spreadbetting form IG Index who are long of each stock.  It is fair to assume that IG has a large enough client base and so its long/short balance is indicative of market sentiment as a whole. And the boards at iii & ADVFN have sufficient posters to also represent Private Investor sentiment as a whole.



3199 days ago

UK Investor Show – I hope that you had fun: a few thoughts

I am still completely wiped out. It is incredibly draining doing presentation after presentation and half way through the post event celebrations I fell asleep (ok I had enjoyed a few drinks as well) but I still feel utterly drained. And so once I have ruined a few other weekends by breaking news of a planning oil company merger involving a well-known name I think I am off to sleep again.

Thanks for the many emails from folks who said that they enjoyed the show. On balance so did I. I thought that the talks were more interesting than for many a year. They have been put on video and so will start to go up from Tuesday in a variety of places. But suffice to say you should register now at to catch many of them.

The location was not ideal. Not least that in order to feed my addiction I had to scrounge a spare packet of Marlboro Light from David Lenigas who had thoughtfully come well supplied. But ADVFN and I know enough now and the show was a success and so we are now planning for UKInvestor 2014. Watch this space – we will announce the date soon.

Highlights for me?

The young man who now writes tips appearing disguised in dark glasses to gain entry (not having booked a ticket). When spotted by Steve Moore, he claimed that he was at Excel to go to the International Cake show down the hall and made a swift exit.  

Nick Leslau and Nigel Wray – optimistic about the UK economy and as a double act far more powerful than as individuals. A lot of wisdom was shared by the pair.

Losing the debate with Richard Poulden once again. I am now 3-2 down but I really will try to do slides next year and stage a comeback.

Mark Slater. The obligatory dirty joke but the quality of his analysis of the markets and of individual stocks (three of which have been tipped by myself and Steve) was incredible.

Nigel Farage – unscripted, lucid, funny and on most issues bang on the money. I had a good chat with him and Chris Booker after the event and he is a very funny and pleasant chap. C Booker’s Thatcher tribute was bang on the money and nailed a number of leftie canards.

Above all I really enjoyed meeting so many of you who attended (particularly, I should say, David from Oxford). Thanks for all the kind words and I hope that you enjoyed the day. On stage I had more fun than I have had for years. I can say what I like these days and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I actually enjoyed the day in a way that I have not enjoyed MI days for a long time. With the speakers, stand holders and the audience I felt far more at home than I can remember being for years.

The home team from RMPC & ADVFN staging our first show should be thanked, notably John W, Clem, Fiona and especially Mike Hodges and from our side Darren, Nigel, Sarah, Steve, Robert Sutherland Smith and Martha. It was their first run at this, the second time is always easier.

So thank you to all who attended. ADVFN and RMPC starts work on Monday on UK Investor 2014 which will be bigger and different. I hope to see even more of you there then.




PS I should mention one other highlight. The after show pool games. I defeated Andrew Bell of Red Rock. Zak Mir fluked a victory against me. And then it was the final: The UKIP volunteers against myself & Zak. They had been trying to persuade Zak to sign up to UKIP although he is obviously a bit too right wing for them. And so with the prize being that if Zak and I won they would allow him to become the party’s immigration spokesman (Zak’s views are unprintably stern on this matter, making Evil seem like a total Guardian reader) we played.  The bad news for UKIP is that Zak and I won.


3229 days ago

Asking your help – do you blog on shares or read a blog on shares?

I ask your help. I am endeavouring to work up a directory of independent share bloggers. Not the big share blog websites like ADVFN or iii – not websites with stacks of staff and vast amounts of money behind them. But the small one or two person operations. Those are the blogs that provide colour to the market. I offer up a starting list of just under 40 such blogs. If you produce a blog that is not on this list or read one (based in the UK or Eire) that is not on this list can you either post a link in the comments section below or send me an email on [email protected] with a link?

In advance, many thanks.


3239 days ago

I have balls of steel - its official

Well it is not official. Or in fact true. But a kind Bulletin Board poster on ADVFN has just posted:

Winnifriths done it again. He’s only gone and libelled SEFTON. The man has got balls of steel. Cant help admiring him. He must know 100% that he’s going to win otherwise he’d never have written this.

To Mr Diddliesquat, for that is the poster, I say thank you for the compliment but I have not libelled Sefton today or at any time. Everything I have written can be stood up with facts. Sefton knows that really and is just playing for time. But thank you anyway.


3250 days ago

Just how useless and thick are some PR birds?

I am calling from the ADVFN newspaper – I am going to write a piece there on your client What is ADVFN said the PR bird? Jesus wept. A FTSE 250 listed company is paying this bird’s firm £10,000 a month to handle its financial public relations and she has never heard of what is the UK’s largest financial website with 3 million views a month. I ended up having to spell ADVFN to her.

I will not name the company that employs this bint but truly it is pissing its money away. For £10,000 a month you expect a modicum of knowledge of the financial markets. I don’t expect the bird to read ADVFN but not to have heard of it? She is probably a looker and a very charming bird but still…

And now I am about to have lunch with a PR bird who is a looker but is certainly not thick.


3321 days ago

Centamin Shares Collapse - Time for Bulletin Board Morons to apologise to me. Still a sell

I first tipped Egyptian gold miner Centamin (LSE:CEY) at 8p on I advised readers to sell at 137p. I called it bloody brilliantly. In the summer at 67p to 75p I repeatedly urged folks to sell warning that the new Islamofascist rulers of Egypt had changed the game. I was greeted with heaps of abuse from Bulletin Board commentators (mainly here on ADVFN). Well arseholes the stock has almost halved ( again) today to a 27p share price so: a) you lose money and b) it is time for you to apologise. You can post your apologies on the comments section below just as you posted the abuse in the summer.


3321 days ago

Complisult: A New word invented by Clem Chambers of ADVFN

Need a man to produce 2,000 words of high quality material in a few hours…you know where to get me. And so in my father’s freezing Warwickshire house last night I penned an introduction to the new book by ADVFN boss Clem Chambers – The Death of the West. I had no problem saying it is a good read. It is. I agree with his thesis. But you have to tell a few jokes at the expense of the author. Hence this morning’s creation by Clem of a new word for the OED: Complisult. Definition. A mode of laudatory writing invented by Tom Winnifrith.

The book should be available by Christmas.


3322 days ago

UKInvestor Show April 13th – the line up of Master Investors almost complete

We still have one big name main stage speaker and one big name trader to reveal but the line up of big names at the UK’s premier investor show, UKInvestor – organised by ADVFN – is now almost complete. The show is on April 13th at the Excel centre. At some other events the speakers are not even household names in their own households. But you do not need to go on Google to find out that our presenters really can all be termed a Master Investor. And then there are the companies presenting as well…


3339 days ago

Plugging the latest novel from Clem Chambers – win a signed copy

Firstly he is the boss at ADVFN and we seem to be working together on more and more projects these days. Secondly he is a decent enough bloke. And thirdly he will hopefully plug my book in return.

On that basis I am happy to impart to you news that the 4th book of the Jim Evans series from Clem Chambers was released late last week. To celebrate the launch, Clem is giving away 1 x SIGNED copy to one lucky Facebook fan.

To win, all you need to do is share this post (publicly). Clem will select at random from all shares of this post on Monday morning – the 26th.

And you can win all four of these books in a free contest at’

Since I am not on Facebook I cannot enter these contests. Drat.

I am sorry to say that I have never read a Clem Chambers novel but I have promised that I shall have a stab at one over Christmas.


3366 days ago

The Nifty Fifty is live

Yesterday ADVFN launched the Nifty Fifty, a new website which I am writing. While s atream on new investment ideas will appear in the next few days, starting in a few hours, it has only one article on it so far, yesterday’s editorial. And this is it. It outlines a bit of what is to come. In future content on the Nifty Fifty stays for members only but this is a brief glimpse.


3367 days ago

Tomograph 12 is live – The NHS is NOT a sacred cow

Those who are registered with this site were sent the Tomograph yesterday. If you are not registered please sign up now. You will not get Spam from third parties just the Tomograph and the odd message from me. You can sign up here.  This week’s issue contains an exclusive article on how the NHS is not a sacred cow. This was born from anger as I saw another sort of cow claim a 10% discount at a restaurant on Friday. 


3368 days ago

About my Work on ADVFN

I have known ADVFN CEO Clem Chambers for years and years. He is a peculiar character but we have always got on reasonably well. When he sensed that my days at – the site I founded in my bedroom 12 years ago but left behind in September of this year – were drawing to a close he offered me the chance to do some freelance writing for his online newspaper – a new feature of the ADVFN site.

Initially I was a bit sceptical. My experience of writing for a number of PLCs is not good. They can be very restrictive in why you can, or cannot, say. But Clem and his chairman Mike Hodges said there would be no controls.

I tested this in an early article inviting Islamofascists to issue a fatwah against Clem (and myself) and he waived it through and even laughed at my little joke


3375 days ago

The Christian Science Monitor – Another Place I write

I cannot say with any honesty that I could speak for two minutes without hesitation, deviation or repetition on who the Christian Scientists are. It is perhaps odd that I therefore find myself writing for the Christian Science Monitor. In fact it is twice odd as I do so for free, albeit only about once every six weeks or so. Everyone else I write for (and another contract started this week) does have to come up with the odd shekel or two. But the CSM and I are discussing a few ideas on that front too.

Who are Christian Scientists? I did know that they refused medical treatment and think disease is healed by prayer alone. That would save the NHS a few bob. Apparently they also do not believe in hell either. But, founded by Mary Baker Eddy they are essentially Christians. At least they do believe in something, unlike that really weird part of the Christian brotherhood, the Church of England.

I also cannot remember how I hooked up with them about 18 months ago. I got an email from someone called Laurent Belsie who for some reason sounded to me as if she was a glamorous French American bird.


3408 days ago

Has Bernanke Done us all a favour? Clem Chambers you are wrong!

I tried to get a fatwa levelled against ADVFN CEO Clem Chambers with an early post on my ADVFN blog. That failed. And so I must try to take him to task for his assertion that Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve has done us a favour by signing up for QE3, QE4 and QE ad infinitum. He has not.


3493 days ago

Banks Downgraded what does it mean?

On Thursday night Moody’s, the credit ratings agency, downgraded its stance on many of the world’s biggest banks, including RBS, HSBC and Barclays. Cue headlines. Shock horror. But what does this all mean? Not quite as much as you might think.

The track record of the credit rating agencies is pretty piss poor. They thought Greece, Spain and Ireland were all safe enough bets until only a few weeks before the merde started hitting the fan. The average kebab salesman on the streets of Athens knew his country was a basket case before that was reflected in the ratings of the agencies. And so a warning that things have got tougher for the banks is hardly a great shock. Bad debts are increasing, economic growth is pedestrian at best, Europe is in crisis so this is not rocket science. What next? The Pope is a catholic/Call Me Dave is a clueless wimp/ Ireland are not going to win Euro 2012 – just take your pick


3494 days ago

The Great China Bubble and the crash of 2012: Fraudulent statistics unravel

One of my big calls for the past 18 months has been that when China slows it will not be a slow slowdown but a rapid, dramatic and painful mess. My timing has not been perfect. The bubble (and it is a bubble of sorts) has expanded for longer than I expected but it seems as if the avian flu infested chickens are coming home to roost.


3495 days ago

New Contract with ADVFN – I am NOT’s Paul Ince

A personal note follows at the end. West Ham supporters will understand the reference to Paul Ince, a man who is – unfairly in my view – known by Lucian and his pals as Judas. I digress. I have today signed two contracts with the UK’s largest website ADVFN. This does not mean that my relationship with changes.