Tuesday August 22, 2017
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The Christian Science Monitor – Another Place I write

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- Tom Winnifrith

I cannot say with any honesty that I could speak for two minutes without hesitation, deviation or repetition on who the Christian Scientists are. It is perhaps odd that I therefore find myself writing for the Christian Science Monitor. In fact it is twice odd as I do so for free, albeit only about once every six weeks or so. Everyone else I write for (and another contract started this week) does have to come up with the odd shekel or two. But the CSM and I are discussing a few ideas on that front too.

Who are Christian Scientists? I did know that they refused medical treatment and think disease is healed by prayer alone. That would save the NHS a few bob. Apparently they also do not believe in hell either. But, founded by Mary Baker Eddy they are essentially Christians. At least they do believe in something, unlike that really weird part of the Christian brotherhood, the Church of England.

I also cannot remember how I hooked up with them about 18 months ago. I got an email from someone called Laurent Belsie who for some reason sounded to me as if she was a glamorous French American bird. So I happily chatted away by email and started to do the odd piece. It is only recently that I have discovered that Laurent is a happily married man but that is the internet for you.

Even before I discovered Laurent was a bloke she was quite stern. I am not allowed to use naughty words in my CS Monitor articles. It does me good to have the odd truly clean piece of copy. And there has to be some element of hope in the conclusion. Greece may be utterly buggered (sorry, in a total mess) but it can be saved. Albeit it may take 150 years. That is the idea of hope. With those two caveats I get a free rein on what I write. There is no house style to which I must adhere.

I have written about Greece, the American deficit and a couple of shares (Facebook’s IPO for example). I am feeling rather guilty that I owe Laurent a piece on Albania which is horribly overdue. I am not sure of guilt is a concept in Christian Science but I feel it anyway. The Monitor is an interesting read, it breaks the odd really fascinating story on social issues from around the globe (it was the source for one of my pieces on drugs liberalisation law).

Next week, now that I am off London time and catching up on so much that is overdue, its readers (and there are a lot of them) will discover about the dynamic growth economy that is Albania. Laurent, apologies for the delay, I am back on board, even though you are not a glamorous bird after all.

Next week: ADVFN


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