Sunday January 21, 2018
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About my Work on ADVFN

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- Tom Winnifrith

I have known ADVFN CEO Clem Chambers for years and years. He is a peculiar character but we have always got on reasonably well. When he sensed that my days at – the site I founded in my bedroom 12 years ago but left behind in September of this year – were drawing to a close he offered me the chance to do some freelance writing for his online newspaper – a new feature of the ADVFN site.

Initially I was a bit sceptical. My experience of writing for a number of PLCs is not good. They can be very restrictive in why you can, or cannot, say. But Clem and his chairman Mike Hodges said there would be no controls.

I tested this in an early article inviting Islamofascists to issue a fatwah against Clem (and myself) and he waived it through and even laughed at my little joke which you can read HERE.

And so I progressed. I pushed the point again with a series of articles about penny dreadful Sefton Resources culiminating with a piece in which I invited them to sue me for libel. They declined because my comments were all fair. You can see them HERE.

Not once have Clem or Mike flinched. This is fun. This is editorial freedom. I have written about stacks of companies on ADVFN during the past three months over the course of 130 articles and you can check out my content HERE.

On the free to access ADVFN material I get paid according to how many unique visitors read each article so please do not dissuade you from having a gander.

As with all my free to access material on all sites, I run a précis here on with a link to the main piece elsewhere. Non financial articles appear in full here. I would say that about one eighth of my free to access work appears on ADVFN.

Of course ADVFN is also publishing two of my three e-books out before Christmas.

I mentioned the free to access ADVFN material. Well as of Sunday at 12.01 AM there is more. I am sure that ADVFN will be making it clear what is going on. This is a relationship that will run and run…


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