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I am detested by the Daily Mail are you? Take the Test

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 3 October 2013

It is a fun way to waste 30 seconds. Answer 13 questions to see if the Daily Mail hates you. The fact that I have had premarital sex, do not think God Save the Queen and don’t like Michael Gove means that my status is officially “detested”. I tried the test again answering in the way I think the Mail would like and got to the status of merely “disliked” which is almost as good as it gets.

I answered in the way that the Mrs (the Deluded lefty) would I think answer, and she only got 7 questions before being declared “hated.” It is all good harmless fun and a reminder of what a tawdry reactionary rag the Mail is.

To take the test yourself click here

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