Friday May 24, 2019
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Antarctic Ice at Record Levels – Time Global warming nutters stuck their hockey sticks where the sun don’t shine

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- Tom Winnifrith

Oh dear. Oh dear. The Global warming nutters are in disarray. Their models – on the basis of which trillions of dollars have been pissed away and Al Gore has become an incredibly rich fat bastard – have been shown to be just WRONG!

I quote from Der Spiegel which cites NASA as its source:

Whenever the ice at the North and South Pole is mentioned, it is mostly in the context of melting triggered by global warming. However, the sea ice in Antarctica - in contrast to that in the Arctic - has proved to be remarkably robust. New measurements have now confirmed that. As the U.S. space agency NASA announced, the sea ice in the Antarctic has extended over an area of ​​19.47 million square meters at the end of September. That is the highest since measurements began in 1979. Why the white splendour is extending there while it is rapidly disappearing in the Arctic is a mystery.


A mystery eh? Perhaps it is because the world is er…not getting warmer. It has got colder since 1997.  So why does that matter?

Because the computer models on which the bogus religion of global warming was based all predicted that the world would get warmer AND that – according to the Journal of Climate Change – that as a result Antarctic sea ice would decrease.

But it has not decreased. Sea ice is at modern era record levels and the world has cooled. So a rational, thinking human being (i.e. not convicted criminal turned wind farm lobbyist Chris Huhne, the morons who run the National Trust, the CofE and our beloved PM Call Me Dave) would thus conclude that if the models got it 100% wrong for the years 1997-2013 it might be imprudent to bet squillions of quid on the same models being bang on the money with its 2050 predictions.

Who will be the first global warming nutter to publically repent and admit to worshiping a false idol?


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