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Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday – Ed Davey MP is a greedy pig of an MP issue

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 3 November 2013

It is almost the 5th of November and as such it is apt that we think again of our lords and masters the Right Honourable Members of parliament as they slave away tirelessly working on behalf of us. And that brings us to Ed Davey, a Lib Dem MP and an Energy Minister – indeed the man who headed our45 person delegation flown out to the most recent conference on how to cut carbon emissions to stave off global warming.

It has emerged this weekend that Davey gets his own energy bills paid for by the taxpayer as do almost half of MPs. Better still he claims more in expenses to cover the cost of renting a constituency home than it would cost to buy the house on a mortgage. Heck – that is value for money. As it happens Davey represents a London seat so why the fuck should taxpayers have to pay for any home of his at all?

As a bonus the taxpayer also pays rent on a constituency office for Davey. And a director of the company from whom the office is rented is er…his wife.

This is all perfectly legal. But does it make you think that we are “all in it together?” Austerity is for little people…it does not apply to the political classes. As such I ask for your captions for the picture below in this week’s Ed Davey MP edition. Please post away in the comments section by Friday at 9 AM.

For what it is worth my entry is:

Energy bills will go up this high thanks to my idiotic energy taxes to combat global warming but I do not give a flying fuck because the taxpayer pays my bill.”

Last week I asked you for captions for this picture of the sort of power generator on which Mr Davey is so keen. The most apposite entry came from Donalgarth and is:

An RSPB spokesperson said of the five eagles found dead only four died from smoke inhalation, the fifth one had died of exhaustion while trying to find a route to its nest through the turbines. He added " it would seem a shame that while we will eliminate the carbon in the atmosphere, eagles were unlikely to be around to enjoy it.”

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