Friday caption contest on a Sunday – mentioning no names issue

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 8 December 2013


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Devoid of an internet connection at home I have been forced to spend the whole day in the pub and as I embark on my third large Rioja I am trying to be careful that I do not write anything too silly.

As such I make no comment on the picture of someone below who is clearly a master investor but came up under the google search “robber capitalist.” Should you wish to post a suitable caption in the comments section below feel free. The deadline is 9 AM Friday.

Last week I asked you for a suitable caption to this Nigella themed picture.

The clear winner from a 
former employee of Jim Mellon’s Rivington Street, Paul Nicholson is:

And without the light dusting on top, this makes an excellent accompaniment to cold turkey

A free pizza for Paul next time he heads over from the Isle of Man

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