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Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday Edition: The Conservative Club

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 22 December 2013

I am yet to enjoy my formal interview at the local Conservative Club or indeed to find out whether they have fixed the Wi-Fi yet. But with snow forecast the Mrs may well have to grit her teeth again and visit the only boozer which is not down at the bottom of a slippery big hill.

The Mrs is convinced that the blue lights now in the windows of the Club (pictured below) are some sort of political statement. As a BBC watching Guardian reader she might have forgotten that Christmas was on its way. If course she has not! Only kidding.

My father (a deluded lefty) has already decided that faced with cheap beer and a short walk or expensive beer and a long walk he is quite willing to throw principle to the wind when visiting. But then if you have spent the past few years drinking at the White Bear with David Mills (Silvio Berlusconi’s friend and once again Tessa Jowell’s husband now that the old bag is quitting front line politics) you will drink with anybody.

Anyhow, are there any suitable captions for the picture of “my club” below

My effort is:

The Mrs and her Guardian reading friends take a right turn and are horrified to find themselves in the same room as……members of the working classes

Post your captions in the comments section below by next weekend. Jon Pickles, I bet you cannot get Prince Harry into this one!

Last week I asked for captions to this picture

And the joint winners are:

HappyTrucker::Can the members of the House of Commons please bring their pay rise back to mid ship please.

And, with one that stockmarket anoraks like me can really appreciate:

Marab (Bulletin Board genius of the year): It's never too late for a SEDA

Merry Christmas to all Caption Contest devotees

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