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The Bitch with the baby on the train is NOT “one of the vulnerable”

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 24 December 2013

I am bashed by a reader for standing up to the bitch with the baby on the Bristol Train in Sunday in refusing to give up my seat for her top of the range fucking buggy. Apparently I am picking on someone who is “vulnerable.” Bollocks. 

Someone who lives in a big house in Bristol who can afford not only to have a baby but to buy a top of the range fucking buggy is not vulnerable. Someone who can afford to take baby & buggy up to London for a spot of Christmas shopping is not vulnerable. Yes this woman has a baby but that is her choice. It is not my choice but my obligation to pay taxes to give this pampered cow child benefit but I just have to do it.

The point is that this woman and her partner have wealth and income (as she told the whole damn train). She has choices in life. So just because she has opted to pass her bossy and selfish genes onto the next generation that does not make her vulnerable.

Those who are vulnerable are folks who cannot afford housing at all. Those, such as immigrants, made ever less welcome and more marginalised in British Society. Those who are diseased or dying. Those who have just lost their jobs and are seeking new work not welfare dependency. Those who work long hours for low wages and yet have the taxman claw too much of that back to subside women like the bitch with the baby via child benefit.

Those who are vulnerable include the small businessman who has risked his or her own capital to try and earn and honest crust and create jobs and wealth for all yet is faced with ever greater burdens of tax, employees’ rights legislation and regulation. Those who are vulnerable are the millions starving in the third world seeing no benefit from misguided and costly Western aid programmes and denied the right to a better life by the kleptocrats who run their Godforsaken nations.

Insisting that a bossy woman living in a big house she owns with her partner who can afford weekend shopping trips to London and top of the range fucking buggies and who seems to think that top of the range fucking buggies have more rights than her fellow man is vulnerable, is an indication of a horribly skewed world view.

Oh well it’s Christmas. No doubt at midnight mass tonight there will be a reading from the Gospel. I am looking forward to the story where Jesus sees a rich young woman holding a baby on her way to Jerusalem for a shopping trip and kicks a tired middle-aged shepherd in the cajones so that the woman can park her buggy where he was sitting. Jesus came into the world to help folks like that didn’t he?

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