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Weekly Caption Contest – Ed Balls Edition

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 26 January 2014

The man who worked alongside Gordon Brown so closely to help make the Nation's finances so sound, Mr. Ed Balls has this weekend outlined his plans to sort out the nation’s finances. They are risible needless to say, and will be covered in this week’s Tomograph (going out Monday AM) which you can register to receive HERE.

But if you would care to win a voucher giving you 50% off your bill at our new wine & tapas bar Maribelle’s for a party of up to 4, when it opens in eight days please supply a caption for the picture below showing one person with only a basic grasp of economics and also a young five year old girl. Post your entries in the comments section below by Friday at noon

For what it is worth my caption is 

Balls: “Let me explain Labour’s policies with these models. You keep milking the rich tigers as hard as you can and then you get a cow economy… or is it the other way round?”

Last week I asked for captions to this picture below.

For sheer irreverence which will in UKIP terms ensure that his house is flooded with Romanian immigrants or waters from God within days, Donalgarth wins his Maribelle’s voucher with: 

OK so you've managed to find a twig, now f**k off to that rainbow and fetch me the pot of gold.

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