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Caption Contest – Chris Smith at the Environment Agency Edition

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 16 February 2014

Lord Chris Smith of the Environment Agency is at the eye of the storm. Not only has his quango failed abjectly to deal with the floods but it has now emerged that it has pissed away cash on non-core matters – like sponsoring Gay Pride – in a spectacular style.

As such I offer up this picture of Lord Smith of Finsbury and invite you to supply suitable captions in the comments section below.

For what it is worth my entry is:

Woman: “You just do not understand, the dykes across Somerset have failed and are now invisible.”
Smith: “I am on the case madam, we have just donated £20,000 to the Taunton Gay Pride parade”

Last week I asked for captions for this picture of a politician grubbing for votes (in this case Nigel farage of UKIP) with some meaningless soundbites in flooded Somerset.

The winner – who will be sent a 50% off voucher for a party of up to 4 at Maribelle’s is JP Spaghetti with:

You kip if you want to - the Levels are alive with the sound of photo opportunities!


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