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The amateurish scaremongering of UKIP: Fruitcake of the Day – Suzanne Evans

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 30 March 2014

In my weekly video postcard I discuss the three reasons why I plan to hold my nose and vote UKIP in the Euro Elections on May 22nd. The only thing that might dissuade me from this is some of the utterly bogus scaremongering that some of the fruitcakes following UKIP Fuhrer Nigel Farage over the top come out with. For scaremongering to work it has to be vaguely plausible and that brings me to UKIP loon of the day, Councillor Suzanne Evans who is apparently UKIP’s National Communities spokesperson (whatever that is).

Cllr Evans (@SuzanneEvans1) tweets today:

So it has finally come to this: Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU -  Be afraid. Be very afraid. #EUSSR

Cripes will I be sharing a cell with Uncle Chris (Booker), Ms Evans and Farage before long? Time to be fearful.

But then hit the link. It is to an article published on the 7th March 2001 – more than 13 years ago! Since then myself, Booker, Farage, Evans and hundreds of thousands of other folk have been bashing the Evil Empire on a daily basis and none of us have been prosecuted.  The article was clearly rubbish back then but to cite it as evidence of a new threat today is incredibly amateurish scaremongering indeed.

Councillor Evans is UKIP fruitcake of the day. Her party can have my vote in the Euros but if halfwits like her came anywhere close to achieving real power I would view the matter rather differently.


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