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Weekly prize caption Contest – Tory MP Mark Menzies in rentboy and drugs scandal

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 30 March 2014

As a supporter of both gay equality and also a believer in the decriminalisation of prostitution (more on that next week) and of drugs, in an ideal world Tory MP Mark Menzies would today still be a junior minister. But we do not live an in ideal world and thus news that Menzies paid £250 to bunk up with a 19 year old Brazilian rent boy and asked him to buy drugs on his behalf has seen Menzies step down as a junior minister.

In a sense I feel sorry for the chap. But then I read that on the gay marriage bill last year he voted yes but had said he planned to abstain. Why cannot he a little bit more honest about the fact that he is gay. After all, his boss – until today – Alan Duncan is openly gay.

And so the long line of Tory MPs and gay sex scandals goes on. Harvey Proctor (rend boys), Ted Heath (warned for cottaging but hushed up at the time), Stephen Milligan (died playing sex games with an orange), David Ashby (shared bed with male friend on holiday “to save money”), Jerry Hayes (under age sex). Right now Tory MP Nigel Evans is on trial accused of gay rape.

Surely someone should tell these chaps that as the law stands certain activities are somewhat unwise. In light of this all I simply re-run the picture from last week and invite you to post your captions in the comments section below.

For what it is worth my entry is: “After their thrashing in the European Elections a group of Conservative MPs look forward to heading off to Brazil for more of the same.”

The winner of last week’s contest (which refers to this story about Bulletin Board Morons and Bigots) is from Andy Morton:

The ADVFN GKP Fan Club spent a long time selecting their disguises to attempt to gain free entry to the Investor Show as presenters

Andy has been sent a 50% off voucher for Maribelle’s as will the winner of this week’s contest.



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