Extraordinary Claims of Attempted bribery and threats made to a financial writer – Doc Holiday

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 1 June 2014


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Doc Holiday is a friend of mine but we do not pay him to write anything on this website, he occasionally chips in. He is an honest writer and if he thinks that a share sucks he says so which is one reason that I respect him. I have written about the death threats, stalking and harassment I have received for making such calls. It appears that the poison is spreading.

Doc has just published details of a call he received on Thursday HERE

We have spoken about the call at length and he is not yet revealing full details but it was explicit and menacing. And it did not just concern Doc. The caller mentioned me four times and claimed that I was on his “hit list.”

For what it is worth the identity of the caller is known to Doc and so if I find myself under a Number 8 bus that name (along with a few others) will be passed onto the Old Bill. If he wants to come along and threaten me in person I shall be at Real Man in Clerkenwell from Tuesday to Friday next week.

The growing trend of harassing and threatening critical financial bloggers is interesting.

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