Friday April 19, 2019
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Exciting News from the Greek Hovel – We enter the 21st Century – Profits warning in Kambos & Copulating Lizards

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- Tom Winnifrith

Darren you would be proud of me. I have tonight managed to get the Mi-Fi system working. That means that at any one time I can now run four computers at The Greek Hovel. Not only that but I have signed up to Skype and am now waiting for the Mrs to awake from her early evening slumber after a hard way watching her students graduate so that we can chat.

As I wait I hear a noise at the door and per through the glass and grill to see that it is a small lizard seeking entry to the wildlife diversity free redoubt. Piss off critter in here wildlife gets killed. As two (no make that three) bugs have found out to their cost in the past twenty minutes.

The arrival of the World Wide Web at The Hovel will be a body blow to Eleni's lovely Kouronis Taverna in Kambos. My eco-loo should be constructed by Sunday and thus at that point I shall then have no need at all for its services although I shall still pop in now and again for old time’s sake. And when I have heavy data like a video to send back to the UK. I sense that a profits warning for the Taverna is on the way.

To celebrate this landmark I today bought some shaving foam. I was becoming conscious that I was looking increasingly like Grizzly Adams in my lonely retreat. More to the point, nine days growth shows a lot of unflattering gray and itches like hell. Tomorrow I shave. This is real progress. 

PS. As I was clearing detritus from around the hovel today I saw two lizards copulating. I cannot say that it was a great thrill but I suppose you should see everything once.


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