Saturday January 20, 2018
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Looking back at a very good 12 year share tipping record

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- Tom Winnifrith

I am often accused by BB morons of not being able to tip a waiter, rather than being a top share tipster. The abuse normally centres on duff tips I have served up. Over 12 years in the small cap world no-one ( not even BB morons) has a 100% record.

Just to check out what my actual record is, I reviewed the 241 tips made on between its launch 12 years ago and when I went on care & maintenance basis in June hoping for a change in management. In between reading a stream of twitter abuse hurled at me by the new senior writer at t1ps, I did the maths for a range of stocks, penny shares, mid caps and the odd blue chip.

241 tips over 12 years. Average gain per tip 42.7%. Average holding period 34 months. The current portfolio is c 90 stocks ( which is far too large). The FTSE 100 pretty much where it was 12 years ago. So not a bad record at all. Folks always bang on about your bad tips. Fair enough. In the small cap world you will always have horrors and I have had some shockers. I admit it. But there have also been a stack of winners. Overall that is a record I am pretty proud of. I am sorry when I do a bad tip. It annoys me and I hate it. But a tipster should be judged on the basis of a long term record: winners, losers and the go nowhere in betweens.

I shall be going through those 90 stocks, starting tomorrow with an honest assessment of what to do next in each case.


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