Tom Winnifrith’s tenth and final share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Fox Marble at 18.25p

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 4 January 2015


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This is the closest I am going to get to tipping a mining stock in a hurry – Fox Marble (FOX) might own mines but it is essentially a building materials stock. This should be a boring and dull business. To date it as not been.

Fox owns quarries which are largely in Kosovo, an area once in Serbia where with the complicity of the West the ethnic Serbs were ethnically cleansed by the Albanians. The latter have no historic claim on the area (it was never part of greater Albania) but when it came to the vilification of the Serbs we in the West did not really care about our oldest allies in the region. Rant over. The new regime does appear relatively honest so when a bent local official tried to seize a Fox asset soon after the IPO he was sent to prison and the asset quickly restored. None the less being in Kosovo has not been seen as a massive plus point by AIM casino investors.


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