Je Suis Page 3

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 20 January 2015


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The Mrs finds page three women offensive and is today celebrating the fact that the Sun has dropped this feature.  Most of its readers wanted it to stay and most of the population did not care but a small group of the liberal elite campaigned hard, applying commercial pressures on News Corp and Page three est mort.  There you go, the liberal left find something offensive and they may be a minority but it must be banned.  Hmmm a cup of Charlie Hebdo anybody?

Page three has allowed some pretty dim Essex girls to get a career outside of Tesco’s and earn decent wonga. It was their choice to get their kit off and they grabbed it. I guess it is back to Tesco’s for the next generation of Melinda’s and Sam’s.

The liberal left do not care about giving opportunity to the poor, to their client state. They care about freedom of speech and of action only when it suits their agenda.

Show a picture of Mary Magdalene with her our spreading her legs as she prepares to get shagged by Jesus and that is not a prostitute being exploited in a patriarchal society that is art.   Show Sam Fox topless – and so being the first in her family to gain the sort of financial freedoms the liberal elite take for granted – and that is exploitation.

Yeah right. Je suis Page Trois.

PS, Yes I know Melinda Messenger was from Swindon not Essex.


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