Thursday January 18, 2018
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Piss off Argentina – Yet Again

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- Tom Winnifrith

They are at it again. Argie President Kirchner has again demanded that the UK discuss the future of the Falkland Islands with her. What does this silly woman and her countrymen not understand. The Falklands are not called the Malvinas and are British.

Speaking to the assorted dictators and despots who sit in the UN General Assembly the silly woman claimed that

Next year it will be 180 years since the UK illegally usurped our Malvinas Islands. We reiterate this is not a bilateral issue between the UK and us, this issue has become a global issue – there have been many resolutions all asking the UK to sit down at the table and talk to Argentina, but they refuse we just request compliance with the UN resolution.

Ok. Let’s get the facts straight. When Britain arrived in the Falklands 180 years ago there were no Argentine citizens there. In the years that followed several thousand Britons settled there. The population of the islands is thus almost 100% of British origin. They wish to remain British. The UN is meant to support the principle of self-determination but given the make-up of the assembly it happily ignores this when it comes to a disagreement between a wicked Imperialist power (Britain) and a bunch of primitive peasants who have escaped the Imperial yolk, and have been heading downhill ever since (in this case, the Argies).

So it does not matter what the UN says. What matters is what the sheep shaggers who live on the Falklands think and they want to be British. God knows why but they still have a strong attachment to the Motherland. I guess they have not been here recently and so do not realise what a hell-hole it is becoming.

To give him credit, Call Me Dave has refused her demands. We will be sending over one of our “Piss off Argentina” T-shirts to show our support for his tough line. Does anyone know where the Argie embassy in London is? I am thinking we might drop of a Piss off Argentina T-shirt there as a gift to the Kirchner woman in case she does not get the message. What do you think?

You can of course order your very own Piss off Argentina T-Shirt or mug (displayed below) by clicking here.


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