Friday April 26, 2019
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How on earth did I miss that monster at the Greek Hovel

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- Tom Winnifrith

Last summer, with a bit of assistance from a man called Vangelis, I chopped down 2000 Square metres of the vile thOrny frigana bushes at the Greek Hovel. In Febuary I came back to burn off the roots and now I am tramping across the property poisoning the fresh shoots that are appearing and some bushes that seem to have suervived the onslaught of 2014.

Frigana can grow to be a 15 foot plus high tree. It is a horrid plant and as I poisoned all the little shoots and bushes I came across what looked like a rather big bush. F**k me how did I miss that? The tree must have been eight fot tall with five distinct trunks the thickest of which was an inch and a half wide. With thorns protecting it, the plant was fearsome but how on earth did I miss that last year?

Death for the tree has only been postponed. On completion of the day's poisoning I fetched the trusty old saw my father had given me for Christmas 2013 and which I had brought out from England. With the thorns to protect the trunks it was hard going but one by one they fell and were carted off to the place where theywill be burned in November when fires are legal once again and where bits of oak tree already sit awaiting the same fate.

But I am still puzzled, how did I miss this monster last year?


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