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Tony Blair is Christmas come early for Comrade Jeremy Corbyn - Keep up the good work Tone

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 30 August 2015

The war criminal Tony Blair has again spoken of the dangers Labour faces if it elects Jeremy Corbyn as its leader. Comrade Corbyn must be delighted.

Blair’s intervention comes on a day when his tax minimisation arrangements come under further scrutiny. There are growing calls for Lord Chilcott to publish his report into Blair’s illegal war based on his lies about WMD. And there is further evidence of his links to a man most labour folks despise more than any other, Rupert Murdoch. In short Blair must be among the most loathed figures within the People’s Party.

Every time he urges the comrades to vote for anyone other than Corbyn, our boy Jeremy picks up more votes. Corbyn must be over the moon every time the war criminal opines.

As it happens as a new recruit to Labour my ballot paper arrived by email on Friday. I am urged to vote electronically to save the party money. 

Naturally I want Comrade Corbyn to have as much money as possible to spread his interesting range of views to Middle England. And so I was only too delighted to oblige. 

That is one more vote Comrade Corbyn can count on. You don’t need to thank me personally Comrade. It was my pleasure.

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