Tuesday July 25, 2017
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Piss off Argentina T-Shirts really do Exist: The proof

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- Tom Winnifrith

I know that some folks reckon that our Piss Off Argentina T-shirts and mugs are a gimmick and do not really exist. Well they do and always have done. And here is the proof: I have today received five in the post.

One is for me (as you can see below). Two are for caption contest winners other than me. One is for David Cameron for the next time he goes to the UN. And we will be presenting one to the Argentine embassy in London shortly as a gift for that mad cow who is in charge of the Argies right now.

As you can see these are desirable must have garments. We make no claims about them being produced in an environmentally friendly manner and they can be shipped to your door very promptly in an environmentally unfriendly manner. Wondering what to get any Guardian reading pals (like my entire family bar my Dad and truly enlightened reactionary little step sister Kitty, I mean Flea) for Christmas. This is the answer. Or buy one for yourself and wear it with pride! You can purchase the T-shirts or mugs in only one place – here.


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