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Winter in Kalamata

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 4 December 2015

In the summer, notwithstanding the little issues that Greece faces, Kalamata is bustling. Getting a hotel by the seafront can be something of a challenge. The beaches are packed and the restaurants bustling. God knows why. The regional capital is not exactly what you'd call pretty. For me it is where the Airport is before I head out to the joys of the Mani.

In winter it all changes in Kalamata. There is still the odd hardy soul who one sees venturing into the sea. I suppose its probably warmer than Whitby in summer but rather them than me. The hotels are mostly empty and I am paying less than 40 quid a night including breakfast to stay at one of the best places in town.

The seafront restaurants are shut for the winter. I dont particularly like them in summer as they are relatively expensive but at least they serve - sort of Greek - food. And so the choice now is the ubiquitous fast food chain Goody's, numerous places serving either pizza or burgers and er...that is it. There is a Chinese place on a back street but it never seems to be open and there is the little gaffe I frequent where the food is Greek and where the smoking policy is somewhat confused. The little gaffe wins by a country mile.

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