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Video: Hillary Clinton Warmonger vs Donald Trump for Peace - what the British Liberal Media won't say

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 13 March 2016

The liberal left British media cannot get enough of Hillary Clinton, the woman cannot put a foot wrong. That is despite all the evidence that she can barely put a foot right. On the other hand Donald Trump is pure evil. There is no need for C4 News or the BBC to examine what he says he is just evil. Really? As someone who does not believe in invading countries at random because of the mess it causes and because the pretext is almost always a lie, I cannot think how I'd vote for the warmongering liar Clinton while - if the liberals actually listened to what the Donald says they might actually agree with him.

The video below is a Trump campaign ad. But can any Guardian reader out there explain why on foreign policy they prefer Clinton to Trump? Over to you... 

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