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Another Project Fear Lie to scare us all away from Brexit - step forward the ghastly Amber Rudd

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 25 March 2016

Cabinet Minister Amber Rudd has been marked down as a ghastly careerist harpie for some time. Her last appearance on Question Time, or rather the last that I could bear to watch, saw her refuse to point out that it was the private sector not the State that created jobs and wealth as she spoke to a hall packed with clinically obese welfare junkies from the grim northern post industrial wastelands. Ms Rudd is someone who will say whatever she thinks will advance her or her cause. I have no idea what she actually thinks if indeed she thinks at all.

As such it is no surprise at all that she is a fully paid up member of Project Fear. And last week she served up the shock claim that if we leave the EU, British Energy bills will rise by £1.5 milion a day - please note that we pay c£30 million a day for the privilege of being in the EU. Let's ignore real maths, Amber reckons we must vote against Brexit to avoid increased power bills.

It is hard to see where Amber gets this idea from other than the drawer marked "bogus claims Project Fear". But apparently if we leave the EU we may not be abe to get gas from Europe so will have to buy it from President Putin who may charge us more. Is there any evidence that the Europeans will not sell us gas if we leave the EU? No? Or that Putin would charge us more? No?

Could we take measures to offset this threat even if it was real which of course it is not? Of course. We could build a few more coal pwer stations, import cheap coal from the former Commonwealth, and stop subsidising highly expensive bird killing machines and other green sources of power and fuel bills would come down. As it is our power is amongst the most expensive in Europe thanks to policies implemented by this ghastly woman and her colleagues and cheered on by uber-rich "green" lobbyists and consultants living in Islington.

Amber Rudd is all over the shop on energy policy and as a spineless careerist Cameronite devoid of principle it is no suprise to see her telling blatant porkies to scare us into voting against Brexit. The only shock is that it has taken her so long to serve up this clear rubbish.

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