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A ditzy liberal explains why mad Bernie Sanders trumps The Donald on Social Media

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 29 March 2016

Writing in Forbes ditzy liberal media airhead Kathleen Chaykowski explains why Bernie Sanders is winning the social media contest hands down and why, of those folks still in the Presidential race, The Donald is doing the worst. Naturally Kathleen can come to only a couple of conclusions and there are no prizes for guessing what they are.

First Sanders is talking the real issues. She quotes Captiv8 cofounder Krishna Subramanian:

"It’s the authentic nature of Sanders’s posts and conversations..The way to make these platforms really successful is by having conversations with your audience, posting content that makes them want to engage."

Hmmmm so Trump has no authentic views does he? Yup he does but "People find Trump’s comments offensive."

Right so that would be why Trump keeps on winning the GOP primaries despite being the social media flop while Sanders looks set to come er...second of two in the Democratic race?

Perhaps it did not dawn on a member of the liberal media elite that the blue collar workers or ex workers or ex farmers from the flyover states don't spend their whole life on instagram and twitter while young folks on the coasts tweet ad instagram away all day while sipping semi-skimmed organic lattes with a light sprinkling of fair trade cinammon?

Kathleen's lengthy article tells us what she thinks of Trump which is not exactly a suprise. What it also tells us once again is that new media popularity bares very little relation to what actually happens in the voting booths. 

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