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Scrumptious pouting hackette Harriet Denys of the Telegraph – Dinner Invitation (Please say yes)

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 10 October 2012

It seems that scrumptious pouting hackette Anna White of the Telegraph City Diary is absent on maternity leave until August 2013. How she will be missed. But her successor, Ms Harriet Denys seems to follow in Anna’s ways and also cannot stop herself from writing about me. She seems to have picked up on yesterday’s More Jam Vicar piece and today posts:

A jam-packed schedule for ex-City slicker Tom Winnifrith, who is “looking to the future” after severing ties with Rivington Street Holdings by blogging about EU preserve-making regulations. His story has been stewing since 2004, but came to light recently thanks to the Church of England, which has advised its parishioners they can no longer sell jams in re-used jars at fairs, fetes and raffles.

It is up to the FSA – “the food folks, not the financial regulator”, clarifies Winnifrith – whether to prosecute for the maximum £5,000 fine. “This is a farce,” concludes the self-styled ‘jam martyr’ of Camden. “I feel a strong urge to make some pickle to sell online, along with the fox steaks I wish to prepare and the guinea pig pate I am planning.”

All back to North London!

How very odd. I am afraid that I have rather stopped reading The Telegraph City Diary but Harriet has rekindled my interest. Thank you to a kind reader for flagging this up.

How I wish I could spend my life writing about jam jars? How Jim Ellerton wishes that I stuck to jam jars? But no, sadly I now find myself finishing off three books and now writing for seven different publications (with all content collated here). And there is the new premium site which will be ready to go in just a couple of weeks. It is all very tiring but for Harriet, who looks pretty foxy herself, I can always make time…

I would be delighted to entertain the successor to Anna, Fleet Street’s most talented writer, here at the Real Man Pizza Company, with a chocolate pizza, tales of how I think Reynard could be snared prepared and then cooked and a nice bottle of Chapel Down. Come of Harriet feel free to get in touch.

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