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Why don't we on the right beat up Policewomen?

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 19 April 2016

The picture below could have been from any demonstration over the past thirty years but as it happens it was when the rent-a-mob went after Dodgy Dave after his spot of bother with the Panama Papers. Do not for a minute think that I condone the way Dodgy Dave failed to come clean on arrangements available only to rich folk like him to reduce tax. I think it shows him to be a slippery member of the 1% but that would not make me hit a rozzer, male or female.

I suppose that we on the right just dont go on "demos" very often, whoever is in power. maybe it is because we are too busy with things like holding down ourjobs or maybe we are smart enough to realise the futility of such action. I suspect that it largely boils down to the fact that we accept the democratic will of the people and so if MPs vote for a measure it has to be pretty appalling to rouse hard working right wingers to go on a march. The last great right wing demo was for life, liberty and the countryside.

I went on that march with my, then baby, daughter on my back. I have never hunted a fox in my life. The lady walking next to me helped me change a nappie while on the move and we discovered that she was from the small Northants village where I grew up. My sisters - who went on the stop the war march the week before but not this one - played with that lady's daughters back in the 1970's. It is a small world.

There were one and a half million people on that ,march none of whom caused any violence despite provocation from a small number of sabs. None of my co-marchers hit a rozzer although they were angry about how the liberal left, who demand that we all tolerate all sorts of minority practices we may not think wamly of, were ensuring that a minority practice they did not like (fox hunting) be banned. And they were doing so not because of what fox hunting involved but because of whom they perceived, wrongly as it happens, were involved in fox hunting.

It was not just "toffs" who were involved in fox hunting it was just something lots of people wre exposed to in some way or another in places like Byfield, that village in Northants, and so the ban caused real anger out in the boonies from across the social spectrum. But we marchers that day were not in any way violent.

There are of course fascists who create public disorder but they are very much those on the extreme right. The mainstream right would never hit a copper when on a march. Why is it that after almost every demo by those on the left we do see images of bloodied members of the constabulary? Over to you lefties...answers in the comments section below please.

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