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Media meltdown as its PrinceRIP - how will they cope when Saint Bono pops his clogs?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 22 April 2016

Desperate to avoid speculation as to the cause of death of weirdo pop legend Prince, the death of the singer and songwriter dominated the news channels last night. It was the lead story on Channel 4 News with Jon Snow paying his respects to the man. Sod Syria or the amazing investigations by Michael Crick into how the Tories broke election law in a wholesale manner ( great work by Crick), Prince was the main story of the day.

He was at his height when I was young. His music played as Abbe Aronson spurned me so cruelly and broke my heart, a trauma the heartless woman still refuses to acknowledge, so causing further agonising heartache when we chat every couple of months or so. Shall I ever recover? I digress. I was not much into Prince himself although he was clearly a pop genius writing hits for a stack of other artists as well as for himself.

I still remember heading to the Birmingham Powerhouse with Jon West aged 17 and being right at the front of small stage for The Bangles - boy did Susanna Hoffs have legs. Manic Monday was a hit for them but Prince was the author.

But ultimately the man was just a pop star. Snow asked if he was greater than David Bowie? In my view not but does it really matter it is not a question that can be answered with a fact just an opinion. And we all have opinions but none is definitively right. And who really cares? Snow wittered on solo before going to liberal halfwit star reporter Kyle Morris back inside her Republican free beltway comfort zone, after calling Trump's prospects 100% wrongly in New York. So how was American reacting? Kylie was itching to say that Donald Trump killed Prince because The Donald is a racist but somehow resisted another easy and obvious smear disguised as impartial reporting, and just paid tribute to the great man instead.

Snow then interviewed a pop star who had once stayed at a house owned by Prince when Prince was away. Amazing. He also interviewed a journalist who had met him once just to show what a world stopping moment this was.

Later in the programme we needed more Prince so Snow interviewed a DJ and Producer called Naughty Boy via video link. Did the ageing Snow know who Naughty Boy was before yesterday? Whatever...he duly paid reverence to Mr Naughty Boy as the DJ uttered a few utterly meaningless words of homage to the late Prince.

The cult of celebrity grows stronger by the day. Channel 4 news was barely able to cope with the loss of one whacko egomaniac yesterday, heaven help them when the day comes to cope with the demise of Saint Bono.


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