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EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize – (was Jimmy Savile or President Assad runner up?)

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- Tom Winnifrith

This is not a hoax but it is a joke. The Nobel peace prize has just been awarded to the Evil Empire. Thorbjørn Jagland, head of the Oslo-based Nobel Committee, justified the award by stressing the EU’s role in bringing France and Germany closer together, and by helping strengthen democracy in southern as well as central and Eastern Europe.

Er….where do you start other than saying that Jagland should get back to butchering whales or whatever he did before as he is obviously a prize loon, or at best someone who has not watched TV in a couple of years.

In case he has missed it: democracy means rule by the people. In Greece, Spain and elsewhere the people no longer take economic decisions in sovereign states, all spending and tax decisions are now taken by folks they have not elected in Brussels or Berlin. Consequently the people are flocking to vote for Nazis and a range of other fruitcakes or simply abandoning the political process altogether.

Hitler and Marshall Petain also brought France and Germany closer together as a political unit. But did they bring the people together feeling as one? No. And neither has the EU. Across the contininent the political elites have rarely been so reviled by the “plebs” – folks like you and I, in whose name they are meant to Govern.

Democracy, as evidenced by ever falling voter turnout and by ever greater support for extremists and loons has never been weaker in the continent of Europe. People are suffering poverty, miserly and social upheaval on an unprecedented scale in increasing numbers of countries thanks directly to the Evil Empire.

If the EU won the prize, I hate to think who it beat on the short list? The late Osama Bin Laden? The late Sir Jimmy Savile? The late President Qadafi? Any other nominations for individuals or bodies that have done less for peace and democracy in recent years?


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