Friday April 26, 2019
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No Torch and the Light off - stumbling back to the Greek Hovel at the dead of night

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- Tom Winnifrith

I have somehow lost the only torch that actually works. And that means that the eight yard walk from where I park my car to the front door of the Greek Hovel must be made in complete darkness. Well almost. I always leave the light on at the hovel to guide me. Except that last night I also forgot to do that.

And so, after a long phone call from a fellow member of the Banstead Athletic supporters club, taken in Kambos last night I made it back to the hovel just after midnight and the skies were black. I shone my car headlights at the bat room and had the music blaring from the car radio. I hoped that the wildlife diversity was listening and fleeing.

In theory the path to the house should be safe from you know whats as it is inside the zone protected by Herpotex snake repellent canistsers. Indeed there is one canister right by where the car is parked at the start of the path. But I always worry that some snake might not get the hint and thus I trod slowly with heavy footsteps getting a small amount of blue light from my battered old mobile.

Crunch went my feet on the brown leaves. I heard no noises. I made it home safely and locked the door from inside. After several days of 30 degree heat the hovel is steaming inside but I dare not open the windows for obvious reasons. A secure wildlife diversity free room is more important than personal comfort.

I swapped emails with Uncle Chris (Booker). I said that I will be buying a torch this morning. He said "buy never know when the lights will go out all over Europe". Two it will be. That will make a collection of five and at this rate I shall be opening a broken Torch museum before too long.


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