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The Establishment is trying to steal the EU Referendum - new grotesque cheating announced today: why we must all vote for Brexit

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 8 June 2016

The political, media, big business and banking establishment are united in their determination to deliver a vote to stay in Europe. David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Goldman Sachs, the CBI and the BBC are working together but amid growing evidence that we, the people, are rising up to vote for Brexit new cheating was announced today. The establishment will break all the rules to ensure their view prevails whatever the "little people" actually vote for..

They started by spending £10 million of taxpayers cash, your money and mine, sending out propaganda that claimed opinion as fact and told lies. Then we saw my local council in Bristol send out 47,000 postal votes with instructions on how to fill them in, telling folks to vote to stay in. Were those forms recalled? No. The Government let them stand.

Today we are told that the website allowing folks to register to vote crashed last night after a surge in registrations - largely by young folks who it is assumed want to vote to stay in. There was a concerted campaign - assisted by a fawning media led by the BBC - to target such people.

So a few folk missed out. Naturally the Government has now extended the deadline for registration for 24 hours so that many more folks can register not just the few who missed out last night. It does this because it thinks those folks will vote "the right way". The Labour Party applauds what it terms "democracy". The BBC says this clear fiddle is fair. It is not. It is just another small attempt to steal this referendum.

And today we have also learned that many of those EU citizens who were sent postal votes in error for they should not have had a vote at all, have, in fact, already voted and their votes will be allowed to stand. Why? They should be struck out but the Government assumes that these good Europeans will vote the right way. In a close contest this is another attempt to steal the result.

The Remain camp is losing the debate but the establishment will cheat and lie and pervert democracy to ensure that it wins anyway. If you allow the establishment to steal this election it will steal whatever else it wants of your liberties and democratic freedoms.

And this is a clear reason why, irrespective of our views on Brexit, we should all vote to leave the EU on 23rd June. To vote for anything else is to give the establishment carte blanche to do what it wishes. A vote for out is we the people saying that enough is enough and starting the process of taking power away from elites who cannot stand it when the plebs say NO!, whether they be European officials or cosy clubs of CBI bosses, bankers and their pals from Eton who have ended up as Prime Minister.

A vote for Brexit is now a moral imperative. It is a vote against a small group who - in the most important vote for 50 years - think they are better than you and will lie, steal and cheat to ensure that the 1% gets to tell the 99% what is in their best interests.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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