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Jeremy Corbyn must be booted out of Labour for comparing Israel to ISIS

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 30 June 2016

There is a report out today into anti semitism in the Labour party and at its launch the, pro tem, leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn made a remark which is simply not acceptable. While he remains a member of the Labour party, let alone, its leader no Jewish person in Britain can surely consider voting Labour. Corbyn stated:

Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel than Muslims are for Islamic State

So Jeremy "some of my best friends are Jewish...but" Corbyn, I guess your old pal Red Ken Livingstone will be proud of you today.

To discuss a democratic State which is tolerant of women, gays and those who live within its UN defined borders who are arab and muslim and which supports free speech and allows dissent, to the murderous and barbaric ISIS regime is offensive. It is as offensive as comparing Israel to the Nazis, something that many folks in Labour appear to do more than now and again.

That Corbyn comes up with this hateful discourse at the launch of a report into evidence of deep rooted anti-semitism with Labour is appalling. Anyone who has watched the British left for the past thirty years knows that many of the comrades have a problem with the evil Jews. Some, like Comrade Livingstone are quite open about it. Comrade Corbyn today let his mask slip.

It seems that like many on the left, he regards anti-semitism as an acceptable form of racism.  The pathological hatred of Israel which is now part of the British lefty-liberal DNA, has left many on the left actoing as apologists for barbarity across the Middle East simply because your enemy's enemy is your friend. Others have allowed the line between the Jewish State and the Jewish people to have become blurred in their fury and hatred.

Until Labour cleanses its party of folks who hold views like those of Corbyn I cannot see how anyonewho is Jewish can support the party.  As someone who is happy to wear the yellow star in solidarity, I am equally excluded.

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