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If Theresa May is the answer, what is the Question asks the loathsome Polly Toynbee

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 5 July 2016

Though not a great fan of the spectacularly unsuccessful Home Secretary Mrs Theresa May, anyone who is attacked by the loathsome child of privilege the Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee, cannot be all bad. And thus in her column today La Toynbee starts with the words "If Theresa May is the answer, what is the Question?" Perhaps you would care to answer that one.

How about: "who is Home Secretary of the party that won the last election as opposed to the one Polly Toynbee told folks to vote for?"

Or "can you name someone who does not tell the workers that they are ignorant racists while writing from her castle in Tuscany?"

Or "can you name someone whose views on immigration, Europe, Welfare Reform and Patriotism are not utterly alien to hose of core working class Labour voters in the way that those of Polly Toynbee are?"

Or " can you name a woman who has had a successful career without trading off a well known family name and growing up in wealthy North London?"

Over to you readers...

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