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Andrea Leadsom - is it time to come out and admit you are a bigot?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 8 July 2016

I see that team Andrea Leadsom is insisting that she is a progressive sort of lady who believes in equality when it comes to homosexuality. On twitter today those who say otherwise are accused by her supporters of smearing Mrs Leadsom. How dare they? What nasty bum bandits you are, stop being so beastly to Andrea.

Mrs Leadsom made her position very clear on Channel 4 News last night. She believes that both gay couples and straight couples should be allowed to have civil partnerships. But that only a man and a woman has the right to get married in a church to each other and not to a person of the same sex.

Since equality tends to imply equal treatment of all it is quite clear that it is no lie, it is a fact that Mrs Leadballoon does not believe in equality when it comes to gay rights. In the world of Andrea one group has to suffer the misery and pain that comes with marriage whilst gays get let off the hook and are denied this punishment. Lucky buggers.

I assume that Mrs Leadsom maintains this position not because she is a bigot but because she is a compassionate conservative who thinks that gays have suffered enough already and should not face yet another ordeal. Her stance is in fact a really progressive form of affirmative action.

What a caring woman. Clearly she is the sort of tolerant person needed to lead the Tory Party forward back into the nineteenth century.

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