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The Tories go Back to Basics as Devout Christian Stephen Crabb tries to play away from home

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 10 July 2016

The pantomime that is the British Political Scene continues. It seems that Stephen Crabb, until last week a contender to be PM, has been playing away from home, sexting some woman he met campaigning to stay in. That is for Britain to stay in the EU, not from Mr Crabb's todger to stay in his pants.

I am no angel and if 43 year old Crabb wants to play away with a woman young enough to be his daughter that is entirely his own affair. There is nothing wrong with picking up birds in my book. But I am not so sure that his Mrs would see it that way, but, in itself, the texting though tawdry in substance, is none of our business.

Except that Crabb claims to be a devout Christian and even the pathetic and wretched Church Of England which believes in almost nothing these days, still believes in the sanctity of marriage. Moreover Crabb has boasted of his Christian faith and used it as a selling point as he tries to climb the greasy pole. And, when not suggesting to women young enough to be his daughter that they mount his greasy pole, he has also advocated inferior treatment for some in society on the basis of where they want to put their greasy pole, that is to say of homosexuals. Crabbe thinks that pooftahs should not be able to say, as he did, before God those words about "foresaking all others." 

Forget going back to the early 2000s and being the Nasty Party, as Andrea Leadsom seems to want, this reminds me of back to basics, the John Major era of the early 1990s. Back then the Tory Party preached a repugnant form of morality arguing that we should all live in a way that seemed normal in the 1950s: married, straight and God Fearing. That is how it demanded we live. Meanwhile the Prime Minister was playing jiggy wiggy with the ghastly Edwina Currie and it seemed that half his MPs were engaging in the sort of acts that are strictly forbidden in the Old Testament.

Westminster is a pantomime. How these clowns in the polirtical class expect us to take them seriously, to view them with any sort of respect eludes me. Bring on the revolution and bring out the piano wire: the political class is a costly burden for taxpayers and is rotten to the core.

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