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Truly ashamed of West Ham today as it fires Tony Carr with a peanuts payoff

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 27 July 2016

Tony Carr is the man who has enabled West Ham to retain its claim to be "The academy". For 43 years he has brought all sorts of youth talent through the ranks: Terry, Ferdinand (A&R), Cole (J), Carrick, Noble, Defoe, Oxford, Fat Frank Lampard etc, etc, etc. And yesterday he was made redundant with a payoff of just £14,000 which is the statutory amount. It is also less than one day's pay for some of our first team squad. It is a truly disgraceful way to treat a loyal club servant and it is a moment of shame for the club I support.

I can't see why West Ham is letting him go at all but maybe there is a reason. But after 43 years surely the man deserved more? Supporters are all over the internet, outraged and angry with the pricks who run the club. Perhaps West Ham might consider a testimonial game for Carr featuring two sides comprised of some of the superstars he has brought through over the years. I am aware he had one in 2010 but I guess he did not know then that he'd be shown the door with just £14,000 six years later.

That Messrs Gold and Sullivan and "Lady" Brady thought this acceptable shows again the chasm that exists between those who own football clubs and those who keep them afloat with their loyal support.

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