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Phew! Comrade Billy Bragg stands shoulder to shoulder with Comrade Corbyn after all

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 16 August 2016

Phew! If Billy Bragg had abandoned his support for Comrade Corbyn the game really would be up. But it was all a Murdoch smear. The Bard of Barking was quoted in the evil Murdoch Press as saying that Corbyn was sort of 20th Century and cannot reach ordinary people. The Times interpreted this as saying that Billy had ditched Jezza. Au contraire, comrade Bragg is a true purist. Just because he knows that Jeremy Corbyn is utterly unelectable that won't stop him backing him all the way.

Say what you like about Billy Bragg he is always the first and the last to back a totally lost cause and so how could anyone have believed this Murdoch smear. The Bard has made it clear he, like many party members is backing the dear leader to lead our great party over the precipice. Sorry I meant to electoral triumph.

Those of us in our wing of the party who joined up last summer are delighted to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Bard as we march towards oblivion. Brothers & Sisters, bring out the banners....

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