Friday August 18, 2017
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Louise Mensch – Hypocrite But Always Entertaining

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- Tom Winnifrith

You may remember the pain that I felt when Louise Mensch announced that she was to leave Parliament – indeed I pleaded with her to reconsider (HERE) but he author of some of the UK’s worst ever fiction could not be dissuaded. The joy of Mensch was that she is truly stupid and thus allowed me to write easy articles full of cheap jokes. Boy do I miss her.

Indeed I remember only too well her last big appearance, grilling Rupert Murdoch in the House of Commons Media Committee. Grilling is perhaps the wrong word. Asking the old rogue a few soft questions and then rushing off early to pick up the kids/appear on TV or whatever.

But maybe it was merely au revoir and not goodbye to La Mensch. While she stated that the reason for leaving politics was to spend more time with her family it seems that she is now managing to expand her media earnings stream ( so much less tedious than dealing with little people in Corby) and thus is now a columnist in the Sun Newspaper owned by, er… Rupert Murdoch. Er, um, yes I was thinking that too.

Mensch, now living in New York, serves up a first column which is about as insightful as a droopy British Rail cheese sandwich from 1975. Perhaps it needs some cheap sex injected from one of her books? I cannot put my finger on what exactly is missing but I think it might be basic writing skills or perhaps it is hard facts and analysis.

You may remember that Mensch has some fairly whacky views on newspapers. She wants the State to subsidise the local press for reasons that are hard to comprehend. I cannot remember whether she wants Murdoch to drop page 3 girls or not but it strikes me that if lovely Louise from New York were to display her talents elsewhere in the paper that might just ensure the end of page 3 as we know it. Welcome back Louise. Your kids’ loss is our gain.


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