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New Greek Opinion Poll – the Established Order is Destroyed

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- Tom Winnifrith

There is a new opinion poll out in Greece today which is a bombshell. It shows how the established political order, set in stone since the return to Democracy has been destroyed, thanks to the efforts of the Nobel Peace Prize winner. It is really quite amazing.

Since 1974 Greece has effectively had a two party state. It is a bit like Britain 1945-79 when the Parliamentary Liberal party was able to hold its meetings in the back of a taxi. Labour and the Tories agreed on most things and took it in turns to manage Britain’s decline. In Greece Pasok (nominally left) and New Democracy (nominally right) agreed on the key issues – the need to bloat the state and for the political class to steal as much money as possible – and took it in turns to govern.

The communists ( KKE) took a few seats but the order was established. And so here is today’s VPRC poll:

SYRIZA ( new party, lefties, want bailout but no austerity, 8/10 on the fruitcake scale) – 30.5%
New Democracy ( fat pie eating corrupt current party of Government) – 27%
Golden Dawn ( Nazi scumbags, anti bailout, 28/10 on the fruitcake scale) 14%
KKE (anti bailout – I think – anti most things, 6/10 on the fruitcake scale) 6.5%
Democratic Left (God knows ) 5.5%
Pasok (fat pie eating corrupt party heading for obliteration) – 5.5%
Greek Pirate Party (8 months old, 10/10 on fruitcake scale) 1%

So combined parties of the fruitcake anti bailout fringe now have the support of more than half the electorate and their support is climbing. The parties of the old order now have less than a third of the electorate favouring them and they are both declining.

In British terms imagine former sports presenter and all round loon David Icke heading the largest party, Call Me Dave in second place but sliding and Nick Griffin having doubled his support in four months on a charge with Ed Miliband facing wipeout and just a few points ahead of the Monster Raving Loony Party which itself had doubled its support in the past four months. Unimaginable? That is what is happening in Greece and it will get worse.

Nobel Peace Prizes all round.


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