Spain – An Apology

Tom Winnifrith Monday 2 July 2012


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I suggested here in an earlier piece that Spain were a boring side. To be fair they had shown real Arsenal-ish tendencies in earlier Euro 2012 games. But last night they were magnificent. Even before Italy gave up with 20 minutes to go Spain were just masterful. After 20 minutes I had given up on an Italian victory as Spain mentally destroyed their opponents in that opening spell. That they were only 1 nil up at that point was irrelevant – the game was won.

And so I apologise to the people of Spain. You may be a workshy bunch living in a bankrupt country run along crackpot socialist lines but your football team is the best in the World and was a sheer delight to watch. Your side were magnificent and deserved to triumph.

That Spain made a good Italian side look so ordinary is a reflection not on Italy but on Spain. Italy had made light work of sides that were rubbish (Ireland), petty poor (England) and pretty good (Germany). But against the Spanish they themselves looked just plain ordinary. Spain showed flair, skill, individual brilliance and superb team-work and were a joy to watch. They could have won 6 nil and it would not have been underserved. Just imagine what, on the form shown last night, they would have done to England? It does not bear thinking about.

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