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Linda Riordan MP – a fat pig, morally equivalent to the benefit fraudsters she represents in Halifax

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- Tom Winnifrith

You thought that MPs had cleaned up their act after the expenses scandal of a couple of years ago? Er think again. They are still at it and of course everything they do is all totally within the rules. And they do their utmost to stop we plebs” from knowing about it. And so we come to Linda Riordan, the MP for Halifax (Labour) who looks like a pig and is one.

Trougher Riordan is the sort of MP who used to claim £400 a month for food (without receipts) when they were allowed to do that. Glancing at photos of the lardbucket I reckon she was gorging herself on a lot more than £400 of food a month. These days she has to play by new rules. And so…

At a London flat she bought for £300,000 in 2006 she pays the mortgage costs (currently £562 pcm). She then rents that flat ( which incidentally you the grateful taxpayer decorated as that was all claimed on expenses) out to fellow Labour MP Iain McKenzie for £1,560 pcm. H, of course, can claim that all on expenses. So on this “trade” porker Riordan is trousering £998 per month.

Meanwhile Riordan lives with her partner Stephen Roberts in another London flat where the rent is £1,473 pcm. Because this is their second home (she owns a place outright with no mortgage back in the grim North), porker can then claim all of that rent back as expenses. And so, thanks to the taxpayer, she is living in London rent free and actually making a grand a month on another flat.

But maybe Riordan needs the cash? After all as an MP she only earns £65,000 a year. Well luckily that is not the case as her partner has a well paid job. That Stephen Roberts fellow earns £42,000 a year as a “senior researcher” to er……Linda Riordan MP.

You will remember that trougher Riordan is a Labour MP. Power to the people. Workers of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your chains. Etc. It is good to see that in the rich history of socialism trougher and her Senior Researcher are playing such an honourable part.


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