Tuesday August 22, 2017
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Clinton Poll Collapse among young voters: the more they learn about Crooked Hillary....

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- Tom Winnifrith

In the past few US General Elections older voters have swayed to the GOP and thus for Democrats to win they have to win big among the younger voters, the millennials, and until about a month ago Hillary was leading by almost 30 points with young voters. But that lead has collapsed and, in the latest LA Times poll, is now well into single digits which is a disaster for Crooked Hillary. In my eight reasons why Trump would win article of two weeks ago, the key to this collapse is made explicitly.

And that key is that in every campaign Hillary has fought her poll numbers have headed only one way. The more folks get to know about her the less they like or trust her. And that is especially the case for younger voters. Just think about it.

When was the Whitewater scandal? When did we all get a refresher on Whitewater with the enquiry and the death of Vince Foster?: When was the Lewinsky scandal? That was when Hillary called a naive 18 year intern a "slut" after her boss (Mr Clinton) forced himself on the poor girl. When was the pork bellies trading scandal?

The answers: the 1980s, 1993, 1998 and 1994. In other words anyone under the age of 33 is very unlikely to remember these scandals first hand and most young voters were not even born during the sleaze filled years of the Clinton White House. But as each new scandal concerning Hillary emerges young folks do a bit of research and discover all the old stuff and conclude that the latest evidence of lying or dodgy financial dealings is not a one off, however much the mainstream media try to dismiss it as such. You can get the stains of Monica's Lewinsky's dress but you can't get them off the internet.

The latest scandal is a claim from a top Haitian politician that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation tried to bribe him. Yabba dabba Doo its the Clintstones again with another scandal that the mainstream liberal media will not report but which is all over the internet. And so as the campaign goes on young folks will inevitably become disillusioned at an accelerating rate with Crooked Hillary. Older voters already knew not to trust her, now younger voters are reaching the same conclusion. That is no shock.

The asset bubble that had benefited those with wealth and property has, according to Hillary Clinton, made America great again. It has not if you are poor or do not own real estate on the coasts or in Chicago and many young folks are in that category. More than now million young Americans now sell their bodies for sex in order to pay bloated rents and so when Trump says America is broken his message is one that should not alienate young folks for they know he speaks the truth and Hillary does not.

The young folks increasingly know that Hillary, bankrolled by Monsanto, Goldmans and the rest of Wall Street plus multi millionaire lifetime liberal hypocrites from Hollywood is just not on "their side". But it is the (lack of) trust issue that is the killer for Hillary and that is not going to get any better for her before November.


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