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The default liberal fascism & double standard of twitter: Glen Reynolds suspended

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 22 September 2016

Twitter is run by liberal left fascists who apply a double standard to free speech. You can say what you want as long as you don't say anything which might upset your average Guardian reader, fuckwit millennial from hipster central in Brooklyn or Shoreditch or the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

When I was exposing the biggest fraud on the UK stockmarket for 30 years one shareholder in that fraud, Quindell, sent me a tweet saying that he would love to cut my throat. The same individual claimed to have visited my place of work. Naturally, since I was not shagging Olympics superstar Tom Daly, the Police did absolutely nothing about this. Heck you have a stalker who wants to cut your throat? What's the problem? This is not a hate crime as you are a straight, white male so what do you want us to do about it? And of course twitter did not give a monkey's either. Death threat from a self confessed stalker? Who cares? Twitter supports free speech don't you know?

By contrast US columnist and lecturer Glen Reynolds has just had his twitter account suspended. He responded to tweeted pictures of mobs circling cars in Charlotte North Carolina last night with the tweet "run them down". That seems like a fair call to me. If your car is surrounded by an angry mob do you get out and try to chat to them, in the way that wannabee Labour leader Owen Smith wants to have tea with ISIS, or do you stick your foot on the accelerator and make a get away knocking down a few law-breakers as you go? What would you do?

Mr Reynolds was not advocating that folks drive to Charlotte to knock down looters and rioters just that those facing the dilemma of getting home should explore that option. But twitter did not see it that way. Presumably some pious bastard from BlackLivesMatter or the Rev Jackson's office complained that this was a racist tweet since those invading the freeway are predominantly black.

And twitter, terrified of giving a platform to racists or indeed anyone who is accused of making a racist remark, just suspended Mr Reynolds without thinking about it for a second. Had twitter pondered the matter it would have realised that his tweet was - in the context of the conversation - a legitimate, if a tad brutal, response. But it did not. It just went to its default liberal fascist mode and closed him down.

Free speech on twitter only applies if you say the "right" things - that is always the way of the facsist liberal left.

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